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3D Render: Guitar Pedal

Here’s a 3D render of a guitar pedal I made with Cinema 4D. Below is a clay render. 33 more words


Showreel of C4D

I think I am addicted to editing, I really enjoy doing that, cropping the materials to fit the beat and kept amend them over and over again. 43 more words


New trending GIF tagged gif loop cinema 4d...

New trending GIF tagged gif, loop, cinema 4d, skull, teeth, sculpture, endless, copper, marble, ussr, octane, stalin, boolean via http://ift.tt/1He6GNA

E4 Poster

Firstly I imported the vector E4 logo I and extruded it to make it 3d and added colour to it in the different sections by dragging the spheres below onto the text. 122 more words


Estings Continued

Unfortunately for the final week of this workshop, I was unable to attend. For this session I was suppose to create my Estings poster in Cinema 4D, similar to the week before. 96 more words



This project has been such an experience for me. I relished the opportunity to finally create my own physical product, something I have always wanted to do but never had the skills to do so. 740 more words

Major Project