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Next Dimension: Teacups

Finally that swirling staple of any decent theme park, the tea cups, has founds its way into my 3D design. What could possibly be more exciting than slowly revolving while sitting in a big cup of tea? 503 more words


Brand That Can - WOUP - Cinema 4D Workshop

In todays session we used Adobe Illustrator to edit my logo text for WOUP which then will be taken over to Cinema 4D, the file had to be saved as Illustrator 8, because Cinema 4D doesn’t recognise the more recent versions of Illustrator files. 87 more words

Empathy & Enterprise

Sound Displacer

How the shapes effected by sound I have done some experiments in my cg laboratory. These are the few results which is good to show while there are some experiment results which are not visually appropriate to show.

After Effects

TracerMan 3.0 - Free C4D Download

I’ve decided to give away many of the 3D animation assets and experiments I have dabbled in over the years beginning with this one:

TracerMan3 – a fully-rigged, animatable, ‘bendy’ character built from a few Null Objects, Mograph Tracer Objects, and SweepNURBS. 12 more words


Testing out HOT 4D - instant Ocean Plugin for C4d

With this awesome Plugin from Valkaari it is possible to add awesome looking oceans into Cinema. It has tons of settings and I had lots of fun playing with it. 10 more words


Next Dimension: Rock-O-Plane

Back to the fairground! We’ve not paid a visit for some time, so there’s bound to be a new ride for us all to refuse to go on. 227 more words