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C4D Octane Lighting Essentials, PixelLab

I’m thrilled to introduce Octane Lighting Essentials for Cinema 4D! I have again teamed up with my friend Alessandro from Renderking. Jump start your lighting with 10 completely customizable lighting studios. 53 more words

Cinema 4D

Models (Before & After)

This was the original model of my brute.

This is my brute after i added some shoulder padding and extruded the torso to make it look like he is wearing shorts. 21 more words

Cinema 4D

Changes to the title

This was my first title i made it was good but i decided to change it a little bit.

The changes i did were to add more cracks to each letter and to increase the quality of the cracks, on NitroBlast the first one was high quality and the second was on extreme. 9 more words

Cinema 4D

My Render Settings

I chose 720p rather than 1080p  because using 1080 greatly increases the render time, i know this because i tried to render a scene in 1080 and it took 3 hours to render 21 frames out of 170 of that scene. 18 more words

Cinema 4D

My Models (Characters)

This is my Protagonist of my trailer. A brute with some revenge to get. I downloader the base mesh of the character then edited parts of him to create what he is now. 38 more words

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The Models (Swords)

These are my swords that i am using in my trailers. The top sword is the Antagonists and the bottom sword is the Protagonists. I made the top sword and had some help from Tyler with the bottom one. 8 more words

Cinema 4D

Making of my Title

To get this effect i used a plugin called NitroBlast on Cinema 4D. I used this effects as it was perfect with the game i idea that i came up with. 13 more words

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