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Disrupting Documentary: Ecstatic Truth & Elusive Fiction

See below some of the films I talked about yesterday. Most are available in the library or online.

1.Close-Up, Kiarostami (1990)

2. Werner Herzog and Errol Morris talk about Act of Killing… 134 more words


Cinema Verite: Identity and Reality

Apparently, college is un-teaching our young people.


Intersection II: Public Intimacy

Intersection II:  Public Intimacy

Study of gesture and intimacy in public. Greenville, SC. Video at 25% normal speed with no sound.  This is the video counterpart to a series of digital… 16 more words

Conceptual Art

Intersection I

Pedestrian Micro Gestures, Greenville, SC. This is the video counterpart to a series of digital narrative images I’ve been working on downtown, exploring nuances of gesture and interaction on the street.

Conceptual Art

Nonsequitur: A $1.4 Million Dollar Coin Flipper

Freedom of Information Act request has revealed that the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) spent $1,400,000 to develop and install a randomizer app that picks left or right … randomly.   109 more words


Writing Check In: March 2016

I’ll be doing this once a month around the start of a new month as a quick check in on my progress with my first novel draft as a means of keeping me on track to deliver a decent word count. 418 more words


Cinema Verite: No Pay Raises for the Last 8 Years?

It seems a little strange that Bill Clinton would point out that for the last eight years, 80% of workers have not received a pay raise.   8 more words