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Linda Williams: “Mirrors without Memories: Truth, History and The Thin Blue Line” in Documenting the Documentary

-Fredric Jameson: cultural logic of post-modernism as new depthlessness… 279 more words

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Pasolini's Rebellion

Modern society exists as an absurd fetishization of sexual desire with adverts using sex as a means of commodification, hence the phrase “sex sells”. It doesn’t take much longer than looking up the synopses of… 680 more words


Beyond Verite

Documentary as a genre of a film is commonly considered as a representation of facts and reality. But could this be really true? Can a documentary be an objective film genre? 351 more words

Film History Memory MS5203

Record Collector magazine loves The Hovercraft's Cinéma Vérité

Record Collector magazine has given four stars to The Ramsgate Hovercraft’s new album Cinéma Vérité in a review in the current edition, describing it as “a sumptuous feast that not only soundtracks the deepest layers of the human condition, but serves as a wonderful reminder that music can take you places you’d never even dared imagine”. 9 more words


Man Bites Dog (C'est arrivé près de chez vous)

I feel like the word “mockumentary” was not invented for a film like this. Mockumentary, with the word mock front row and centre, seems better suited to something like Spinal Tap. 372 more words


Man with a Movie Camera (1929)

Man with a Movie Camera is a silent film about Russian city in the late 1920s life, directed  by Russian cinematic pioneer Dziga Vertov.  Vertov did not believe in cinematic narrative, but was passionate about the power of observational cinema and sought to create a work free of the conventional trappings of theater.   577 more words

The Ramsgate Hovercraft: Cinéma Vérité now available on Spotify, Amazon

Thanks once again to the endeavours of our dear friends at sp8kauf, The Ramsgate Hovercraft’s latest album Cinéma Vérité is now available in digital edition. 40 more words