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Cinema Verite: A Subpoena for the FBI

Director Comey and the FBI have ignored requests from the House Oversight Committee to provide a full, unredacted report on their investigation of Hillary Clinton’s unlawful use of email and servers.   17 more words


Tangled Up In Blue

It’s time to take up the idea I had a week ago (Clean Cut Kitchen), and talk about that Dylan video my friend Laurent posted on Facebook back then. 477 more words


Heaven Knows What

Cinematic beacon on highway underpasses.  New York smells like cold old garbage.  That stink wriggles into the exposed arteries of the romantic street cutter.  There’s no cover from wind and rain but a needle’s fill of junk.  122 more words

"This is the girl"

brb, changing my Twitter bio to “drooling pervert.”

Cinema Verite: Green Party Presidential Town Hall

CNN hosted a Green Party Town Hall yesterday, featuring presidential candidate, Jill Stein, and her running mate, Ajamu Baraka.


Cinema Verite: Libertarian Town Hall

CNN hosted a (2nd) Libertarian Town Hall last week.  Gary Johnson, with his running mate, Bill Weld, answered questions from Anderson Cooper and audience members.