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I’m now working on a female-centered version of True Detective, which I will produce under the name Chick Titzolotto.

Just as the first season was preoccupied with cisgender white men’s desires and the second is preoccupied with their potency, the third season will center around cisgender white women’s bodies, featuring pervasive and powerful vaginal imagery; unsurprisingly, it will take place in the vast subterranean subway system of a major metropolitan center. 203 more words

Cinema Verité

I Clowns (1970) - Federico Fellini

A powerful and highly imaginative history of clowning: part mockumentary, part dream-memoir and part loving tribute to a dying art. It’s beautifully constructed and gets at the dark side of clowning, culminating in an elaborate confrontation with mortality in a clown funeral set-piece. 30 more words


"We're on kind of a mission"

Over at The VideoReport, fearless leader Bill Duggan has an announcement to make, former VideoReporters of years past have some memories to share, your tireless editor keeps on highlighting new releases, and I have one last recommendation for a free rental that will break your heart, and it should. 52 more words


Harlan County, U.S.A.

Harlan County, U.S.A.
Barbara Kopple, 1976


Storytelling: 7

Entertainment Value: 8

Artistic Value: 7

Technique: 5

SEAT Score: 6.75

“Duke Power Co. owns the Brookside Mine but they don’t own us.”

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Side by Side

In this cinema verite, first person documentary, the filmmaker’s world is turned upside down when she returns home after graduating from college and is grounded in reality. 96 more words

Cinema Verite

The Ramsgate Hovercraft on Pretty Ugly Records mixtape

Find The Hovercraft’s A Lighter Blue Cloak from the album Cinéma Vérité on mixtape Emporium #4, a shimmering collection of trippy new acoustic/electronic music just released by… 18 more words


Framing Truth: Becoming Aware of Reality and Performance

Hearts and Minds, directed by Peter Davis, and Suzan–Lori Parks’s Venus are works that, among other things, explore the question of truth and how the portrayal of truth can involve awareness to the particular medium used to craft stories. 1,113 more words

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