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Cinema Verite: Marco Rubio at the Values Voter Summit

Senator Marco Rubio’s remarks at the summit were both personal and responsive to critics (on the left and the right). The full speech:


it won't stop

Y’know, I don’t think you are sorry.

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Cinema Verite: Highlights from the Debate(s)

Here are a few highlights from both Republican debates yesterday: 17 more words

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… The Televerse! Friend and colleague Kate Kulzick invited me to kick off the guest-host era of The Televerse podcast. In this episode, we talk about… 62 more words

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Cinema Verite: Governor Nikki Haley on Race and Immigration

From Governor Nikki Haley’s National Press Club speech on the “New South” yesterday. The Governor discusses race relations, immigration policy, education reform, and presidential candidates (including Donald Trump).