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Exclusive clip: Independence Day: Resurgence

The sequel to Roland Emmerich’s 1996 blockbuster hit Independence Day, Resurgence takes place 20 years after the initial attack from alien life forms left the world in utter chaos. 75 more words


Money Monster (2016)

Money has become nothing more than a series of 1s and 0s flowing through computers. Just a stream of data, zipping through the ether – at least until a ‘glitch’ hits the network. 256 more words


Alice Through the Looking Glass (2016) Review!

Review’s up on Sunday, because I decided to embrace the White Rabbit and be a little late.

Pop quiz: No googling. What was the highest grossing live action movie of 2010? 941 more words


Warcraft (2016) - Personal Movie Review

Looking to escape from his dying world, the orc shaman Gul’dan utilizes dark magic to open a portal to the human realm of Azeroth. Supported by the fierce fighter Blackhand, Gul’dan organizes the orc clans into a conquering army called the Horde. 281 more words



I suppose it had to happen sooner or later. Yup, I walked out of this one. As I’m now on a monthly direct debit with the cinema I can afford to not waste my time. 82 more words


Movie Review : Zootopia (2016)

As someone who’s loathed not cared much for classic Disney animated movies, I’ve been loving the new revamped Disney-Pixar (or even plain Disney) movies for the last couple of decades. 888 more words