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"Man and Superman" at the Lyttleton, National Theatre

Yesterday Kath and I went to see George Bernard Shaw’s famous play, “Man and Superman”, at the Lyttleton Theatre at the National. A Saturday matinee performance, which started at 1.30 and finished at 5pm. 900 more words


Queer Film

We live in a society today with a wide variety of human beings and various identifications. Regardless of the vast array of individuals who make up our society, we are constantly presented with heteronormativity. 1,464 more words


The Dreamers (2003)

Matthew is an American boy studying French in Paris which is where he meets two siblings- Isabelle and Theo. Apparently once conjoined twins they remain almost inseparable. 1,280 more words


25 Candle's

My last post was the start of a long line of 25th birthdays. At this time, January of 2013, is when I really started to realize my passion for event planning was growing more and more. 537 more words

Wardaddy, Carrie Matthison e o que eles nos dizem sobre gênero e guerra em 2015

A hipermasculinidade das guerras e conflitos é um tema que muito vem sendo discutido por diversas vertentes de literatura feminista de relações internacionais. Situações de conflito tipicamente geram não apenas uma lógica opositora entre o eu e o Outro, aqueles que são bons e aqueles que são maus, como também uma oposição interna entre aqueles que protegem e aquelas que cuidam. 1,773 more words


Freaks (1932)

The idea of what defines a monster can bring forward a million different arguments. However, what it all boils down to is the factor of the unknown. 1,112 more words


Dead Snow (2009 and 2014) Horror Film Review: Two Films One Review

This weekend I watched the second Dead Snow film. It had been over two years since I watched the first film, so a second viewing of that film was also in order. 761 more words