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The Four Act Plot Structure

Everyone talks about the Three Act Plot Structure. But have you ever heard about the Four Act Structure? It is the basic structure of classic Chinese poetry, and in places like Japan (probably Korea and China as well) students are encouraged to write all stories and essays based on this structure. 684 more words


Selma - A Conspiracy of Spielbergian Proportions ... or just bad timing?

Hmmm ….. seems EVERYONE is wondering how this important film about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., with an outstanding performance by David Oyelowo, was denied Oscar nominations for the film’s director (would have been the first for an African American woman!) and actors. 206 more words


Twin Peaks: Blu-ray boxset review

“The release of television series Twin Peaks (1990-1) and the related movie, Fire Walk With Me (1992), in Blu-Ray finally brings the story of Laura Palmer’s murder to a conclusion. 169 more words


Why is Mad Max: Fury Road being called a feminist flick? Why is Charlize Theron such a badass? Why is everybody pointing guns? And why is Bar Dogwood left to clean up the mess? 36 more words


Two Days, One Night (2014)

A labor union as defined as “an organization of wage earners […] for mutual aid and protection and for dealing collectively with employers.” The intension is that workers look out for one another, as one unified body for egalitarian treatment. 416 more words


ATB's Top 25 Animated Movies: (5) Finding Nemo

Our top 25 animated movies list heads down the final stretch, the five best films ever made. This quintet separated itself from the pack with a ton of support from multiple members of the panel. 644 more words


DC Cinematic Universe


Let´s talk about DC Cinematic Universe!

First of all, I love Man of Steel. I know that there are people who dislike that movie, and I kind of see and get why, but I love it. 432 more words