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1989 - Batman

This Cinematic Century project first started life several years ago when a stupid fad was sweeping through Twitter. Basically, people were tasked with picking a favorite film from each year they’ve been alive, and then sharing it so people could mock their choices and marvel at how old they are. 2,458 more words


1988 - Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Every week here at Cinematic Century I talk about movies that I love. The whole idea was to find my favorite movie of each year, and geek out about it. 2,504 more words

Cinematic Century

1986 - Big Trouble in Little China

The last couple of weeks have maybe featured some strange picks here on this Cinematic Century project. I’ve kind of bucked expectations and really embraced the central idea of this project, choosing my favorite movies of the year, not necessarily the “best” film of any given year. 2,057 more words

Cinematic Century

1985 - Clue

Last week I eschewed some more obvious picks, a whole bunch of classic sci-fi and fantasy films for the most part, and chose a weird comedy as my favorite film of 1984. 2,268 more words

Cinematic Century

1984 - This Is Spinal Tap

Last week I talked about a year that didn’t really have many movies that jumped out for me. A lot of good movies, but very few that I felt really passionate about. 2,034 more words

Cinematic Century

1983 - The Dead Zone

I’ve been on a real roll lately here on Cinematic Century, getting to talk about some of my absolute favorite films of all time, duking it out with a whole slew of other amazing movies. 2,202 more words

Cinematic Century

1982 - The King of Comedy

It can sometimes be frustrating working my way through this project, because there are certain directors who just keep getting the sort end of the stick. 2,001 more words

Cinematic Century