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Visual Log 5: Shot Types2

Establishing Shot

Extreme Long Shot

Long Shot

Emblematic Shot

Emblematic + Group Shot

Two Shot

Over The Shoulder Shot

Subjective Shot

Rack Focus


Thirty Second Storytelling

We recently invited renowned Director, Writer and Producer Karen Borger to join our Art Direction & Design students at Macleay College. Chatting informally with a small group in our Sydney TV Studio, Karen generously shared tips and tales from her 30+ year international career. 616 more words


That Winter, the Wind Blows: Manipulating Emotion with Cinematography

Many Korean dramas are distinctive in their ability to expertly construct powerful, emotional states. This ability is one of several features that have allowed Korean dramas to attract a wide, global audience. 789 more words

Scholarly Writing

"Break In" a short film

This is a short film i recently put together, if you like it please subscribe to my Youtube Channel and follow me @threwnthroughmedia!

Photographing The Face

For my first assignment of the university year, I was asked to create a 1 min ‘long portrait’ featuring only one continuous shot and no use of sound. 611 more words


Caught Up

Caught Up is an experimental short film I created for my Cinematography class. It explores how hectic the world could be and how life can just pass us by without us truly experiencing it, and eventually catching up and really savoring what life has to offer…Yes, there is no sound :). 13 more words

Shari Petti

Get To Know Sam Kfare

What’s going on man, introduce yourself

What’s up, I’m Sam Kfare, originally from New Jersey, but now residing in Chicago. I call myself a creative, one that works with photography and video. 1,139 more words