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Women's Week

This week I have decided to dedicate each day to writing about seven great women who work (or have worked) behind the camera. Some of these women will be cinematographers, some photojournalist, some camera operators and some first AC’s. 26 more words


Cinematography & Photography OFF The Checklist

Alright, just gonna jump straight to the topic up there..

Our appointment at Yishun Industrial, 8.30pm.
So we met Ryan the founder of the company, we sat down in his very cozy office. 228 more words


KOTW-Canon 17-120mm Cine Servo Zoom Lens

Canon 17-120mm Cine Servo Zoom Lens

It’s about time I did a kit of the week aimed at the videographers of the world. So I have plumped for a rather nice piece of glass from the folks at Canon. 541 more words


Ewoks, Wookiees and the Importance of the Little People

Star Wars is an epic tale of love, war, hate and hope. There are Jedi Knights, Galactic Senates and Death Stars which decide the course of the Galaxy. 1,199 more words


Chang Chao-Tang

Photographer CHANG CHAO-TANG
INTERVIEWER: You have worked on posed photographs and candid street photography. Is there a difference in the approach for you in terms of creating the image? 39 more words


The Beauty of Life

Today we want to discuss one of our favourite movies of all time: The Tree of Life. We’ve already covered Terrence Malick, the exquisite director who has has made a great achievement with fine directing and earned a Palme D’Or for this film, and Emmanuel Lubezki, the genius cinematographer. 1,149 more words


To Take the Painful Path

To Take the Painful Path – A Hibike! Euphonium Analysis

NOTE: I don’t know Japanese. All quotes and analysis are based upon the assumption that the translated subtitles accurately localized the dialogues. 1,323 more words