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Silent Souls (2010)

I’m not too sure what to make of this film. It’s a Russian film about a man and his friend who go on a journey to bury his wife in the ancient traditions of the Meryan people. 213 more words


Screen Writing

So it is awesome how all of our classes kinda of combine together.

What I’m talking about is that i can use all of the things i have learnt in the screenwriting class to help me write the script for our ‘How to’ Video. 179 more words


How to deal with Douchebags

So now we have to write another blog within another class. Which means more and more posts for all you lovely people (the four of you) to read! 199 more words


Video: Majestic Grand Teton National Park in 8K

The More Than Just Parks team capture the spectacular Jackson Hole Valley and the foothills of the Teton Mountain Range, in this breathtaking film.

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The infamous ‘Bee Review’ video posted by Twitter user (and soon to be famous cinematographer) @drymangoes, is a must see.


— winning team (@drymangoes) …

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Hit Me With Your Best Shot!: "Islands in the Stream"

Unfortunately I’ll be following up my favorite of this week’s mega-Hit Me With Your Best Shot with my least favorite. Islands in the Stream is the most forgotten of 1977’s Best Cinematography Oscar nominees, so I’d been hoping for a surprise that never came. 410 more words

Hit Me With Your Best Shot!: "Close Encounters of the Third Kind"

This week, Hit Me With Your Best Shot is getting the jumbo treatment with each of the Best Cinematography nominees of 1977 receiving a daily installment. 451 more words