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Taco Smell: Cinnabon minis

I feel like they just keep getting smaller and smaller, but they’re still better than the hash browns


Lost in Translation: Wait I don’t know the language!

As a Peace Corps volunteer, in Armenia, you learn a lot of Armenian language. There’s a ten week pre-service language course. There’s ten weeks of PST language instruction. 281 more words


Sunday Stills: Embrace

Happy Sunday y’all! Welcome to Terri’s Photo Challenge : Sunday Stills! Yay, another photography challenge with such interesting and delightful prompts! This week’s theme is “EMBRACE!” “Our heart is wide enough to embrace the world and hands are long enough to encompass the world.” ― Amit Ray, Nonviolence: The Transforming Power Come and join in the fun folks! 10 more words


Cinnabon, others show appreciation during Nurses Week

Nurses, in a small and humble way of saying thank you for, oh, saving lives every day, we wanted to make sure you were filled in on all the best deals being offered to you during Nurses Week. 179 more words


Live It

This song makes me so nostalgic. If you grew up in the Sourh during the 80s it might just resonate with you too. I sent this to my brother. 14 more words


Pingu: April 18, 2018

Just what I needed after a long day. :)



I forgot how exciting it is to travel. Like the exploratory kind of travel to a new place. I just booked my tickets to Vancouver/Seattle and I am so bloody excited I feel like a would up spring. 90 more words