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The Disappointment of Pinterest

Here’s the thing. I LOVE PINTEREST. There are so many amazing idea and tutorials for practically everything. Its a broke girls headquarters. I mainly use Pinterest for motivation, recipes and diy projects. 155 more words


Cinnamon Rolls a la Cinnabon (Whole Wheat)

Stopping by the mall is an incredibly dangerous task. I’m not talking about blowing my money on clothes or unnecessary iPhone cases at the nifty kiosks, but the SMELLS. 346 more words


Peach Pie Braided Bread

One of the things I experienced for the first time in my life when I moved to the U.S. in 1990 was the mall. Growing up, we had heard of malls and seen them in movies, but we never had one where I lived. 878 more words


You Know I Can't Handle Not Having AC, Part 1

Do you have siblings and
and a parent that say and do things that
annoy the sh– out of you?

James has borrowed my mom’s Honda for one year. 376 more words

Adult Children

Collecting a tattoo with a Cinnabon on your left and a Hot Topic on your right...

Malls have an amazingly odd effect on almost all people; when leaving, your pockets have less pieces of green paper inside compared to when you walked in. 503 more words


Cinnabon - Review

I was on a trip down south in Mall of America in Minnesota. These cinnamon buns were prepared hot and freshly made. I would say top 5 cinnamon buns I have ever had. 5/5 thanks for reading.


Summer Vacation Is Not For Getting Sick

DISCLAIMER: This post has to do with personal illness. I’m going to try and spare you from the worst of the gory details, but sometimes when I start writing, words just come out. 877 more words