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Spicy Pirates and a Cinnimon Ninja

More soap, because that seems to be the hobby lately. I’d like to work on lip balms and bath bombs as well, but those seem to take longer. 402 more words

Kick-up-the-Arse Coffee

This coffee gives you exactly what it says it will do: give you a kick up the arse. A good one, to get it in gear – not a mean one. 441 more words


Date, Fig and Banana Cake

My niece Ruby and her family were coming over for the dinner the other night and because we all love Indian food, I made a huge feast. 448 more words


Spiced Hot Chocolate Recipe

On the bus ride home today I had a craving for hot chocolate, and not just any old two-minute microwave hot chocolate I wanted something smooth and luscious with a little bit of spice. 209 more words


Spiced Sticky Toffee Apple Buns

A Bank Holiday Monday is a perfect opportunity for branching out and making something you don’t usually get to. So this week we invited a friend round and made two recipes, one sweet and one savoury. 203 more words


Mexican Chocolate Bread, page 491 May 26, 2015

I am going to be getting together with some friends for a Latin-themed party this weekend, so I thought I would make this dessert bread to take along.  493 more words

Beth Hensperger

A Quick Pick-Me-Up

I’m a fan of morning coffee. I love my morning ritual, in which I awaken at least one full hour before anyone else and sip my coffee and watch the sunrise. 145 more words