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Moving beyond FTE centric models

Calling on all managed services professionals. How many of you have heard or been part of the following conversation with your existing managed services customers in the recent times: 574 more words


Mr. CIO - Cloud is a Weapon of Mass Disruption

The other day I was having coffee with a CIO of a large regional bank based in Malaysia. This is how our conversation went:

Me… 520 more words

The 3 modes of enterprise cloud applications

One of the key attributes to a successful cloud deployment is thinking about the strategy holistically. In my post ‘CIOs are getting out of the data center business’ 626 more words


Value of Data Set to Reshape Boardroom Priorities

We all know that the rise of big data and its strategic importance for businesses across a huge range of sectors has been one of the key enterprise trends of recent years. 64 more words

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Rainbows, Pixie Dust and No Coding Required

Every day, at least one “easy button” solution for mobile app development crosses my social feed. It’s a sexy (and misleading) term for vendors selling magic beans to people that want to build a mobile app, minus all the work required to build a truly great app. 1,199 more words


Disruption - Overcoming Cultural Hurdles takes Patience and Persistence

As innovation and disruption continue to be leading themes in business and technology, one component that’s essential for success is that change needs to be a part of your company’s DNA. 809 more words


Lenovo aims to contain the damage from Superfish fiasco

This year’s focus on security continues to hit the news, with multiple issues to worry CIOs and CSOs. Here’s a look at a couple of recent stories: 549 more words