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Digital Transformation requires intimate knowledge of the business

Moving to a digital enterprise is not a trivial task. It is neither a journey nor a destination. The shift for an enterprise to embrace digital requires a cohesive effort on multiple levels. 660 more words


SAS Institute Inc launches new tools for the cloud age

Less than a decade ago, analytics was a solution in search of a problem, but today, the problem is that there are too many possibilities. Big data and the Internet of Things alone combine to provide ample reasons for making use of analytics. 718 more words


IT transformation is difficult, if not impossible, without cloud

Information Technology (IT) transformation is all the rage these days. It started as a lofty objective among Chief Information Officers (CIOs) and shifted to a stark requirement for businesses to remain competitive. 648 more words


Changing the language of IT: 3 things that start with the CIO

The Information Technology (IT) organization is going through a significant transformation. The transformation itself is not only disruptive, but confusing for many of the stakeholders including IT leadership, IT staff and those outside of the IT organization. 464 more words


Chief Impact Officer

The Chief Impact Officer leads the measurement of Impact for the organization. The role applies evidence and reason to determine the most effective ways to measure the effectiveness of grants while considering all causes and actions, and then implement the strategies that are likely to have the positive impact. 349 more words

CSR Opportunities

Oracle UnWrapping - chuyện một thời mang gươm đi mở cõi

Hi cả nhà, lâu lắm rồi chưa viết gì liên quan đén IT. Hôm nay nhân dịp dọn dẹp máy tính ngày nghỉ lễ, viết một chút để hồi tưởng và kể câu chuyện về một thời đã qua. 562 more words