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Naptime Conversations

Oh bloody hell.  It’s karma.

My husband once told me that I talk too much when he gets up in the morning.  B must get it from me. 499 more words

Social Intelligence: A Hallmark of #CIO Success - Deloitte CIO - #WSJ

Only 9 percent of CIOs fit their self-described profile of a successful technology leader. To enhance their leadership potential and meet the increasingly complex demands of the role, CIOs need to increase their social intelligence. 179 more words

Reposted Articles

Information Security Training: Merritt College Enters Its Third Year

Merritt College in Oakland, CA will start its third year of classes this Friday, August 26.

We’re excited to be entering the third year of this program, having graduated our first set of students this past June 2016. 167 more words


Pokémon Go's bite-sized data footprint is practice for the growing Internet of Things

Chasing Snorlax and Zubat, Charmander, Venusaur, and Mew around the neighbourhood may appear to be the most unbusinesslike of activities, but Pokémon Go is changing more than users’ exercise patterns. 641 more words


The Singularity and the CIO: Discuss

Sci-fi writers have been warning us about the coming of the singularity for a decade now. And while we’re some years away from having to contemplate such a future, AI, machine learning, big data and other technologies are developing at a pace which is already beginning to impact the global workforce. 490 more words

Road to the Board - The Transformation of a CIO

As the CIOs prepare themselves to play a more strategic role in the Digital world and become part of the C-suite, there are certain traits they need to develop and practice to make a meaningful contribution to the direction of the businesses. 2,627 more words


Mach37 Spring Class 2016 Interview: Hilltop Security

Tom Gilmore, Hill Top Security CEO

What opportunity did you recognize that led to the founding of Hill Top Security?

Tom Gilmore: We saw that most organizations were faced with a shortage of skilled security personnel and that any strategy built around creating more security analysts was not going to be effective. 378 more words

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