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Illuminati is the new name for the CIO and Technology Evangelist

Illuminati has slowly creeped into the common vernacular to mean someone possessing unique insight, enlightenment or knowledge. I propose, partly with tongue-in-cheek, that organizations should have a Chief Illumination Officer rather than a Chief Information Officer or a Technology Evangelist. 318 more words


NSA looking for encryption to prevent quantum computer attacks: News tech leaders need to know

The Financial Post rounds up recent news that technology leaders need to know:

NSA looking for encryption to prevent quantum computer attacks

Engadget reports that the U.S. 496 more words


Android screen recorder apps compromised: Security issues IT leaders need to know

Malicious Android apps and a survey suggesting that incidents in virtualized environments cost almost twice as much as those in non-virtualized shops are the high (low) points in security this week. 429 more words

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As CMOs start to outspend CIOs, collaboration remains key

CIOs were traditionally at the helm of technology adoption, but as more marketing departments use their budget on technology spending, the role of the CMO in IT is rising. 753 more words

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Purchasing Power: Consumer Organizing, Gender, and the Seattle Labor Movement, 1919-1929

I’m behind on book reviews (very, very behind) but I finally read the last pages of this today and just had to say something. And that something is: this book is fascinating and quite relevant to my own work (how great when that happens!) 498 more words

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Four Feral Job Titles for the Well-Branded IT Organization

During the halcyon days of Fast Company magazine (remember those?) there was a regular column titled “Job Titles We Love.” I’ve used that column over the years as a model for identifying titles, whether real or invented, that my businesses and consulting clients should consider to build their personal and organizational brands. 750 more words


Why an interim CIO may be your best option

CIOs remain active in their career advancements – with almost a third having moved job in the last two years and 58% having changed roles since 2010.

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