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CIO tending towards CEO?

Been quite a journey for the IT /Technology industry just supporting businesses to gradually, but definitely, starting to hand hold business to directions like never before. 750 more words


Sleep deprived? How to know if sleep training is for you

I was at the market last week and one woman was complaining how tired she was because her baby keeps waking up at night. Two other women jumped at the opportunity to tell her why she should sleep train her child. 1,727 more words

How leaders thrive in a hybrid world: From Automated to Autonomous

The benefits of hybrid cloud have been clear to many organizations for some time.

In many ways, hybrid cloud has become the norm. IDC predicts… 385 more words

Hybrid IT

The false promise of Bimodal IT - let's Go-Fast

Why am I rushing in with this topic when we have just launched our business, Trajan Solutions? Surely I should be talking about our services? Why not talk about the first class web and content management solutions we can deliver to help grow your business at higher quality and lower cost? 393 more words


Weekly Blog!

Today I launch my new website connecting my work profile and my personal profiles on various social media sites as well as merging who I am back into a single personal brand. 20 more words


Symantec security flaw and Cisco web security patches: Security news IT leaders need to know

This week’s highlights also include TeslaCrypt ransomware shutting down and Linux kernel 4.6’s containing many new security features.

Web Proxy Auto-Discovery (WPAD) flaws discovered

Windows, Macintosh, and Linux systems with WPAD enabled (the default on all Windows operating systems and in Internet Explorer, supported but not a default on Mac and Linux systems and other browsers) are vulnerable to attack due to a flaw in WPAD, … 522 more words


Five Low-Cost Employee Engagement Ideas That Work

With the survey results on employee engagement trends hot off the press from The Workforce Institute, I wanted to revive an older post from Ken West with the… 550 more words