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Pretty Eyes: Sweety Plus+ Mini Pony in Gray Contact Lens Review


As my current sets of contact lens are about to expire a few months from now, I decided it’s now time to buy myself new ones. 587 more words


Vassen Bambi Queen Brown Circle Lens

Top pic: Outdoor lighting

Middle pic: Indoor lighting near window

Bottom pic: Indoor lighting farther from window

I got these contacts from Pinkyparadise.com. They’re very comfortable. 7 more words


Circle Contact Lenses for Light Eyes

Ok, what the heck are circle lenses?

If you have no idea what circle lenses are, they’re basically coloured contact lenses that are a little bit bigger than your natural iris, ranging from 14mm up to 22mm(?!).

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lens review #3 | klenspop ashley-s gray

hi guys, it’s chloe!

welcome to my third post and review on this blog, which will be for the ashley-s gray contact lens from klenspop!  943 more words

Circle Lens

lens review #2 | klenspop ashley-s green

hi guys, it’s chloe!

welcome to my second post and review on this blog, which will be for the ashley-s green contact lens from klenspop!  873 more words

Circle Lens

Harley Quinn

This was created after the fifth time I watched Suicide Squad. It wasn’t the greatest movie, but damn, the soundtrack was amazing to where I started watching the movie to listen to the soundtrack haha. 59 more words