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Drumming In The Mean

“These aren’t your people you know. I’ve known Steve since high school.”

Said by a boyfriend many years ago while at a house party of a couple who were specifically my friends. 396 more words


We Stand United in Peace

A while back, while visiting friends in Potsdam, I came across a piece of artwork near the city center which caught my attention. It was a sculpture featuring a circle of three friends, a girl and two boys, dancing together in the grass. 189 more words


All Things Possible

I saw these words “ALL THINGS POSSIBLE” on a banner in Portland, Maine and it was as if the Universe was letting me know that it was with me. 312 more words

Living Loudly

Dear Circle of Friends...

Dear Circle of Friends,
I was going to write Dear Squad, but as you all know, I hate the use of the word ‘squad’ in regards to anything other than a swim team, so ‘circle of friends’ you are. 800 more words


How To Avoid Distractions Networking Online

Some of us get pushed off balance by the slightest interruptions at working online, while others easily tune out distractions. The truth is, nobody is completely attentive to their work 100% of the time–and we can all use some guidance on ways to avoid or ignore disruptions while working or networking. 298 more words


Literary crushes: Aidan Lynch

An occasional series about falling in love with imaginary boys.

I am poorly this week, in the most snuffly-sinusy-streamy way possible. While I firmly believe that there is nothing in this world I cannot achieve through The Transformative Power Of Nasal Spray, I’m still feeling a bit sorry for myself. 462 more words

Your Minute of Motivation - Environment

     In this episode on Environment, I aim to convey to my audience that the sum of the people around them the most equals the level of success in their lives. 95 more words