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A love so strong

I have felt much heartache and pain in my lifetime of 31 years. I’ve lost family members, friends, and pets. The feeling of emptiness is something we all have felt at sometime in our lives. 860 more words

Photo & Poem: Ducks and Geese

Seven iced-over winters, followed
by sweet bugs on long summer days.
Flightless old girls with twisted
toenails and dim eyes, each year

their webbed feet turn a bit more… 133 more words

Weekly Photo Challenge

#334 (mesh)

A fat fly

gracing the gauze

at our window on the edge of

inside-out. It’s sitting, eyes

alert for predators as there

are too many,  antennae scanning… 118 more words


Hot Fudge Covered Toes and Other Tales of Foley

I always said if I ever had to chance to write a book, that would be the name of it. Sadly, I’m now in my forties and life is moving so quickly, I don’t think that it is going to happen. 408 more words

Letters To My Daughters

The story focuses on three daughters, who are living very different lives: Jeannie is living over in America with her cosmetic surgeon husband, Ruth is trying to balance a moody teenager with a distant husband and Beatrice has decided she needs more in her life than just her dog. 431 more words

Book Review


Another aunt, my Godmother, Aunt Francis, died on May 22nd. I called that morning to see if I could bring my mother for a visit that weekend, and her daughter told me she had just passed away. 346 more words