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The Circle of Life

As a child, my parents were heroes. I considered them the absolute authority on every thing. Disobedience had consequences in our home. I saw them work hard and make the necessary sacrifices for us kids. 289 more words


Be the eraser to the sorrows of others

Not the happiness of one,

Erase the darkness of ones life,

Not the star that shines bright, 63 more words

The Circle Crows Event

Crows and ravens are birds of high interest to me. They’re attached to mystery, death, darkness both of night and of the psyche. These birds are extremely clever, intelligent birds who like to collect objects, the shinier the better. 491 more words


Young and Old

A baby born, requiring maximum care
learning to roll, learning to eat, laugh and play
softly molded as they grow; building knowledge.
So inspiring to watch the learning stages, 328 more words

Growing Up

#RomanticTuesday: Circumference Complete

Draw a circle in the sand, a heart in the middle, circumference complete. Cycle of lifetimes come and gone, remembering the footprints we leave behind and the steps of our dreams we trace in the clouds. 73 more words

Meaning of Life - Original Poem

By Mark A. Leon

The uncontrollable forces of humanity
Let the unpredictable take hold of your senses
To breathe on its own

A blink
Exposing the deepest roots of humanity and self-realization… 167 more words