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Baby Bump

Having known them since school, watching them get together (often using school projects as excuses to spend time with each other), and eventually witnessing them walking down the aisle. 33 more words



I believe in the Mystery
I believe in awe and wonder
the Mystery made self-evident in our souls
I believe in Trust
that a trusted man will act nobly… 68 more words


Fish for Breakfast

While the Web page loads to show me what inun-unan is in English,
I put the phone down, say grace, and—with the kind of nonchalant… 248 more words

Life In General

the circle of life: grief, healing and puppies

there is something about grief that can’t be explained – emotionally, physically. I believe everyone grieves in their own way. I cry at everything. I cried when Edward and Bella got married in Twilight, the wedding was just so beautiful (stupid I know I know), I cried when Stitch got taken in Lilo and Stitch when I was like 10 and didn’t understand why, I laugh at inappropriate times and inappropriate things but that’s life and its who I am. 859 more words

Life Circles With Blessings

I named this blog. I write this blog. This morning I am blessed by this blog yet again. I just responded to a comment from a friend I have known and loved for years. 337 more words

Divine Love

The Umbrella Equilibrium

The other day, it started to rain, and I promptly responded by forgetting my umbrella on the seat beside me on the bus.

Today, in a weird full-circle way, I sat closer to the rear of the bus due to seats being occupied (I usually prefer the front), and as I squeeze into the last vacant row, a plain-looking umbrella is nonchalantly sitting on the seat next to mine. 20 more words


What goes around doesn't always come around

Every once in a while although we try to be nice to those around us, still someone just doesn’t return the kind feelings. And so it went with one of my neighbors. 856 more words