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Only the Good Die Young

I’ve lost too many wonderful people in my relatively short life. Amazing souls taken much too soon. They are always the bright ones, the shiny ones, the ones that light up the world. 434 more words

Circle of life

All that I saw felt so real
Yet I doubted it was unreal
Was the vision real or unreal
Was the feeling real or unreal… 100 more words

Day is Done: Ten for Today

Death is a symbol. People stand in for other people, incarnation after incarnation.

My father comes in my room late one night earlier this week. “Al died.” His face is pale; he collapses to sitting on my bed, head bowed as he cries into his hands. 277 more words


Beetle Eating Grasshopper Eggs - Skip this post if you're squeamish

I’ve been sitting on these photos all week – anxious to share them but not really sure if they will be enjoyed.  But I will do my best effort to sell the idea and you can decide to scroll down and view the photos.   397 more words


The Cycle We're Stuck In

Honestly, I hate the world. Precisely, I hate what we’ve done to the world. I hate how we’ve made money our God. If you don’t have money, you’re worthless. 958 more words

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I have fallen

Do not try to lift me up

Let me lay here gazing at the sky

What wondrous shades of blue it is… 51 more words