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No Small Bench By the Road: The True Story of Brister Freeman

If you follow the trail signs through the Hapgood-Wright parking lot in Concord, Massachusetts, you will soon find yourself on a curated interpretive trail called, “Thoreau’s Path on Brister’s Hill.” Walking along this path, you are invited to step off to the side where you’ll be guided by 19th Century writer, Henry David Thoreau’s own words – discussing nature, education, and social reform. 1,637 more words


When a loved one weds: A bittersweet symphony

My baby cousin got married this weekend.

Calling him my baby cousin has yet to get old, although he is much taller than me.

It hasn’t gotten old because in my heart… and my mind…he is a little baby. 792 more words


When my grandfather died three years ago, I began to know my grandmother.

It wasn’t like I was estranged from either of them, but once my grandfather died, my grandmother -with my father’s help – packed up her things and moved to New York. 377 more words


Circle of Life

Out from the ocean deep
Up a rivers flow, does weep

A journey of life, a cycle comes to end
Pool to pool, navigating drives that dip and bend… 133 more words


Celebrate Life with Kindness

A Conversation with God 8/9/2016

Me:  Lord, the cicadas sure have been loud this year.

God:  Yes they have…and do you know why?

Me:  No, Lord.   863 more words

Personal Stories

Cherish the Children

“See your children shine – they are inner domes of bright peace. With your heart’s genuine creative force, you have greeted these beings in your care. 687 more words


There are a lot of jokes about in-laws, but I’ve never needed the humor because I married into the absolute best family ever.

For an only child from the Northeast to marry a young man from Kansas who had eight living siblings was a dream come true. 306 more words