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Circles and Circle Process

I often get the question “what are circles?”

This is a valid question.  In our modern culture circle processes have be relegated to rather unique settings.   440 more words

Restorative Justice

Are you mature enough for Circle Sentencing?

The Circle Sentencing model is similar in a lot of ways to the family team meeting model.

Circle Sentencing is a group of people who get together for the purpose of coming up with a solution — a sentence based on the situation, not on “the law” — that will repair the harm done by an offender, to the best extent possible; hold the offender accountable, restore the lost balance and harmony to the community, and re-create a feeling of safety in the community. 864 more words


Dispute Resolution

Probably most readers will have experienced or witnessed very disturbing situations among neighbours or family members holding stubbornly to the same “positions” year after year, sometimes for a lifetime. 209 more words


Home, Happiness, Hosting - Exploring powerful questions, Exchanging poignant stories

“And yet, as his own death drew near, Sakyamuni turned again towards the north (“Come, Ananda, let us go to Kusinagara”). Like the rest of us, perhaps he longed for home.” From The Snow Leopard, Peter Matthiessen. 1,106 more words


Working together, for the kids' best interests

We’d been holding meetings with one of the families for about a year, and the family decided that it was best for their kids that they go to live permanently with the two foster families who then adopted the children. 162 more words


Setting Intentions, Stating Boundaries

The first time I worked with this family was in early October, 2009; the second time was several months ago.  The first time was a disaster, I’m guessing most onlookers would have said. 1,456 more words

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