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Clearing a Space

I am clearing a space—

Here, where the trees stand back.

I am making a circle so open

The moon will fall in love

And stroke these grasses with her silver.—Morgan Farley


The Circle of LIFE...!

It is said that History repeats itself and life takes a complete circle. If you aren’t back to where you began, all it means is that the journey isn’t over. 294 more words


First Time Putting On Brown CIRCLE CONTACT LENSES

First Time Wearing Brown CIRCLE CONTACT LENSES. Vassen Sirius Brown Hey #Samorelovebirdz wanted to show you a video showing you my circle lenses that I got a…

Death by blister (Rousse)

Conical blisters circled my wrists and upper arms like three-dimensional pink tattoos.

Some might have called them pretty, if only they had not signalled my imminent death.

"[De]generate I" - François Morvillier

With occupation
Mind rides its eternal wave.
Without mind finds peace. (jf) 7 more words

Visual Arts

isolated as its own circle

in the moment

and its own lasting

and dealt as its own words

and wise as its own having

and connect as it was the level… 44 more words


Ensō – The Art of the Zen Buddhist Circle

‘According to Audrey Yoshiko Seo, author of Ensō: Zen Circles of Enlightenment, “Zen circles, ensō, are symbols of teaching, reality, enlightenment, and a myriad of things in between. 68 more words