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Another Year, Another Episode

Ferguson was last year. The University of Missouri was this year. Racial tension in this state, and the country for that matter, has not shown any sign of improvement. 754 more words


Special Offer for Two EBC Families: Circle

I want to present a special offer to the first two EBC families who contact me for the following free offer. This isn’t a gimmick, and I haven’t been given any incentives for this… I simply want to serve your families and discover if the following device is truly as helpful as it seems to be. 511 more words


Geometry of the Triangle Handout

Time to do my Geometry of the Triangle handout. . . yay

1. In triangle the internal angle bisectors concur at the incenter   Prove that… 108 more words

Math Problems And Solutions

Circles Overlap

Circle has center with radius , and circle has center with radius . The circles overlap in the first quadrant. What is the area of this overlap? 48 more words

Problem Solving


I lost
my green
for spring.
I forgot
is a circle.

~K. (कृतिका)

**Picture taken in Rajasthan, India**


How MATHS will help if you want to PAINT a ROOM

If you want to PAINT a room, you need to determine –

  • How much surface is there to know?
  • How much paint is to buy?
  • 65 more words