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Stained Glass Colors

This doesn’t really have a title.  I made it with watercolors while in college.  I love the colors in it.  <3

Please do not take without my permission.


Circumference & Center

Circumference is impotent against the center.




In a vicious cycle

Of life and death

We all move

In circles

We all move

Dwelling… 78 more words


Scottish Skirts (+ Tutorial)

Its become a bit of a tradition with myself and my friends that we celebrate Burns’ night. None of us are Scottish, or even live there, but we have had some great summer holidays together at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival enjoying comedy and the culinary delights of Scotland. 483 more words

Golden circle In the Sky

I had this dream around late 2016.It started with me behind a rock I looked up as the sky began to change to a dark cloudy sky a golden circle appeared. 343 more words

Do You Have a Teacher or a Counselor?

January 15th

Week Three
Day One
of Jedi Training
is not so extreme.

No Jedi can do things
on their own.
They are all
part of a team. 47 more words


The Circle

The Circle by Dave Eggers is another one of those books where had I not liked the design on the cover, I probably would not have given it a second chance. 882 more words


aranya #3: drought

I listened to her song. It was the colour of solitude. Like a dusty sliver of light in the gathering darkness.

Manasa, the spider, knew when the heavens would be benevolent. 754 more words

Could Be Verse