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Bending Over A Bathtub While Thinking 2012

Bending Over The Bathtub While Thinking

Brain I am in touch with you.

You are the You-niverse,

A You-knowverse which knows you back:

Back, front, and sideways. 80 more words


Love Relationships Change 2011

Love Relationships Change

Love relationships transform:

Their own dynamic force;

Their own dynamics:

So do you.

In the bath (as is my wont)

I think about… 94 more words


Once More From The Bath 2012

Once More From The Bath

Thank you God, for the computer. –

It gives room for privacy

To listen inside/out of me

And get it down, 111 more words


After Last Night 2012

After Last Night

Sitting in the bathtub thinking

What a pity

That the memory

Gets in the way of now.

Last night’s success

Completely gone – 42 more words


Access To Another Reality 2012

Access To Another Reality

My husband showers,

I take baths,

Luxuriating in the tub,

Sitting submarined,

My scrub-a-dub-dub duck around.

My character shows: sybaritic.

Showerer shows his: ascetic, 59 more words


My Drug Of Choice 2011

My Drug of Choice

My whimsy,

No one paying me – I guarantee –

My drug of choice is coffee.

A little bit embarrassed, still… 86 more words


Contiguous Walls 6.30.2011

Contiguous Walls


The white & black,

The front & back.


Sitting in the bath

Awake since four,

Wiped out, inert,

I am the object of a passive flirt, 86 more words