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Indy 500 (Sega, 1995)

The last game in our Indy 500 season is one of Sega’s lesser-known arcade releases from the 1990s. Indy 500 is an open-wheel racing game with an official license from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and the look and feel of mid 1990’s Indy car racing. 780 more words


Security Alarm Circuit

This circuit is a simple security system that alarms when intruders are detected. This security alarm circuit can be used not only to warn users from intruders but it can also be used as a buzzer especially for disabled and elderly people. 13 more words

Getting Stronger

Tricep Dips


Incline pushups

Box Jumps

The beauty of circuit workouts is that you can customize the workout to fit your specific needs. You can include exercises that  focus on just one area (abs, arms, legs, etc.) OR on a little bit of everything. 139 more words


SFM3000 Low Pressure Drop Digital Flow Meter

The SFM3000 sensor is a low-pressure drop digital flow meter developed by Sensirion. It is intended for high-volume applications. The design can be used in applications such as process automation, burner control, fuel cell control, environmental monitoring, etc. Read more

Lighting Controller with Ambient Light Sensor and Real-Time Tracker

Outdoor lightning is one significant mechanism that provides visibility and luminance to surroundings. Manually turning it on/off in a specific time can be a rigorous task. 22 more words

SDP1000 High End Differential Pressure Sensor

The SDP1000-L is a low range differential pressure sensor for air and non-aggressive gases. It covers a measurement range of -20 to 500Pa (2” H2O) and provides an analog output voltage that ranges from 0.25 to 4V.  21 more words

RFID Detector

Radio frequency identification (RFID) are widely used nowadays in industries and commercial applications. The RFID tags can be affixed to an object and used to track and manage inventories and even people.  20 more words