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Reason Eats Itself

Have you considered the possibility that ‘Reason’ might just be taking us all for fools?  That it gives us just enough truth for us to trust it on a day to day basis but on the really big questions it’s just playing a game of bait and switch?   1,017 more words

Circular Reasoning

Mormon Prophets and Circular Reasoning

1. The united voice of the First Presidency can “never lead the church astray” , “…or send forth counsel to the world that is contrary to the mind and will of the Lord” … 2,000 more words


12 things you should know to avoid being brain-washed (Part 3)


You may have already learned about the control of media, the drivers for brainwashing and the way that people get ripped off from the… 1,784 more words


Your evidence for god doesn’t mean what you think it means. A lesson in circular reasoning.

Another short one because I don’t really have time to write. The other day I saw a funny meme that mocked atheists… I can’t find it now; the closest similar image I can find is this: 942 more words


Nothing new under the sun.

Complaints from a pretty well-read (and subsequently hard to surprise) Millennial.

  1. The most recent books pertaining to doing business in Asia have copyright dates of 2006-2010.
  2. 435 more words

Circular Reasoning and the Beauty of Balance

Isn’t funny how our brains can migrate from a glimpse of absolute clarity to complete vacancy in what seems like a nano second?  How does that happen?   848 more words


Monolog of a [W]hite Supremacist Part IV

One of the many recurring themes in his writing is his concept of “God-ordained Free Will.” Like all of his concepts he seems to have this underlying belief or expectation that I should know what he is talking about even though it is not a common term. 780 more words