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Monolog of a [W]hite Supremacist Part IV

One of the many recurring themes in his writing is his concept of “God-ordained Free Will.” Like all of his concepts he seems to have this underlying belief or expectation that I should know what he is talking about even though it is not a common term. 780 more words

12 things you should know to avoid being brainwashed (Introduction)

By Mark Spencer, ITA Certified New Code and Classic Code NLP Trainer and Change Agent

Believe it or not, brainwashing of various forms still happens today. 1,294 more words


The Doldrums

I think it fair to say that the bulk of humanity is in The Doldrums. The same thinking, applied to the same problems, has the same results. 495 more words


Running Circles around Me

How is it that one can never ‘catch up’—with anything in life? In my case, I’ve no doubt the natural probability of my being behind in all things is undoubtedly exacerbated by my laziness, procrastination, stubbornness, ignorance, and near-inability to operate in the spatial world in a typical fashion. 176 more words

Human Nature

Christian Logic

This exchange is real. These words were actually spoken by the Christian apologist, Sye Ten Bruggencate, in his debate with Matt Dillahunty


The Lurid Reservoir of my Mind

Do not delve

{Tonight, or any night}

Into the lurid

Reservoir of my mind

To summon the dregs of thoughts

Framed in self-doubt

Swimming in circular reasoning… 95 more words


Push Back Part 2


This is a continuation of Part 1. The following excerpts were taken from the Intermediate Course (Loose Logic) from the book “Push Back” written by B.K. 1,298 more words

Change Management And Transformation