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“Every creation has a creator; therefore God exists.” Way to beg the question, dude!

I really ought to stop debating these people. The other day I mentioned the one person in particular who posts nothing but memes that “debunk” evolution, or at least a straw man thereof. 821 more words


No, the “works of god” are not proof of god.

Just a quick one today.

I saw this argument several times in the last few days, and I have also seen it many more times presented in debate groups by simple minded and ignorant believers over the last couple of years, so maybe it’s time to write about it? 160 more words


Sunday Sermon [The Blind Leading the Blind]

Hola mi gente,
The HillBillies (Clinton supporters) have been practically screaming in an orgiastic frenzy that Angela Davis has endorsed Hillary Clinton. That’s bullshit. In the context of a speech in which the majority of the time was spent outlining her vision of a new, anti-racist, anti-capitalist, anti-sexist political party, Angela Davis said that while having serious problems with the other candidate, “I am not so narcissistic to say I cannot bring myself to vote for her.” 424 more words

Self-attestation is not fallaciously circular

In terms of justification, the Bible is self-attesting because God is self-attesting, being ultimate and self-contained. Philosophically such self-attestation is not fallaciously circular, for all ultimate commitments (Enlightenment rationalism included) must be self-attesting if they are not to be self-referentially incoherent. 45 more words

Comment Section Dialog

One of the things I find challenging about exchanges between debating parties on the internet whether it be on message boards or in the comment sections of blogs is that the parties tend to make too many points in one post. 981 more words

The “works of god” you see rising before you do not prove the existence of god

I’ll try not to make a habit of posting these kinds of screenshots, but I see this kind of poor logic so often, and this example is so fucking funny, I can’t help sharing it. 231 more words


Finding recovery in purpose and purpose in recovery

This draft was started just a few months ago.  It’s like recovery inception, which kept getting too wordy for my inner perfectionist.  So, this is fair warning, I’m not editing this post once it’s finished and it might get rambly. 609 more words