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Game Buzz: Mensa Select Winners 2016, part I

An award that I hear about every year, but really haven’t paid a whole lot of attention to, is the Mensa Select award.  This award is given out annually by Mensa (the high IQ society) to five games after their Mind Games weekend, which this year was held in Chicago, IL.   933 more words

Game Buzz

Rounded reason

My rounded reason you disdain,
As well the Lord who’s compassed there.
Traced your circle just the same,
At its center earthenware.

Deceptive Writing: How to Pick a Fallacy

When scrolling through your newsfeed or just skimming websites, have you seen a headline similar to this example?

‘Everyone is excited about the ___ diet, but is it really giving you results?’ 670 more words

A To Z Challenge

How Not to Argue: Begging the Question

Pretending that no debate exists or is possible between reasonable people may be my least appreciated debate tactic, because it’s such a cheap trick. It’s a moralistic trick as well as a fault of argumentation. 454 more words

Why logical fallacies interest me

A while ago I wrote about circular reasoning. Today I read another example of it, which better illustrates the other name for this fallacy: begging the question… 824 more words


Reason Eats Itself

Have you considered the possibility that ‘Reason’ might just be taking us all for fools?  That it gives us just enough truth for us to trust it on a day to day basis but on the really big questions it’s just playing a game of bait and switch?   1,017 more words