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During my time as a PhD student, I had an opportunity to work in the laboratory of ceramic technologies. I got to produce various electronic components based on so-called low temperature co-fired ceramics, or LTCC. 2,058 more words

How can I keep my dock from getting destroyed by ice? | Ponds & Lakes Q&A

Q: How can I keep my dock from getting destroyed by ice?

Rick – Merriam, IN

A: Ice can certainly do some damage to a dock. 355 more words

Pond & Lake

Duplexing: Circulator or Orthomode Transducer?

In communication and radar systems, duplexing is one of the essential functions that allows a single antenna to perform the transmission and receiving tasks at same time. 371 more words


순환 펌프 수리 Circulating Pump

최근에 동일한 시스템이 설치된 350여 가구의 아파트 건물에 대한 HVAC 시스템 (냉난방) 점검서비스 계약을 체결해서 진행중인데 이 시스템의 냉방은 일반적인 에어콘과 다를 바 없지만 난방의 경우에는 약간은 독특한 방식으로 운영되고 있다. 28 more words


Totally different Sorts Of Diodes And Their Applications

These diodes have a closely doped p-n junction that”s about 10 nm (a hundred Å ) wide. The GE and RCA app books for the tunnel diode opened the best way for one transistor transmitters, receivers, rat race mixers, and the like that we take with no consideration in the present day. 350 more words