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Step Moms Aren’t Spies

I have been amazed by how much Baby Girl has learned in her year at Junior Kindergarten.  We find ourselves at the dinner table on a nightly basis having conversations about science, religion and current events with the boys but Baby Girl always has something to contribute.   591 more words



Arthropoda is the largest phylum in the world. Should all of these creatures really be classified together under one group? Why or why not? What do they all have in common? 115 more words

School Assignment

Circulatory System

In order to understand the circulatory system, you must know the components of the circulatory system such as the 4 different chambers of the heart, the 3 types of blood vessels, and the main arteries and veins.   433 more words

Circulatory System

The Circulatory System: Feel It Course Through Your Veins

Yes, exercise is the catalyst. That’s what makes everything happen: your digestion, your elimination, your sex life, your skin, hair, everything about you depends on circulation.

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