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Follow a Drop of Blood Through the Body

We recently followed a drop of blood through the heart.  This week, we would like to follow a drop of blood through the body.  But first, we would like to review quickly how a drop of blood flows through the heart. 287 more words

See Inside Your Body by Daynes & King

Publication Information: Daynes, Katie (author) & King, Colin (Illus.); Saffron Hill: Usborne Publishing, 2006 ISBN 978-0-7945-2045-8

Plot Description: This book begins with an explanation of how great and amazing the human body is, how all its parts function together to do things like breath, heal, and pump blood. 755 more words

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Know your Cardiovascular / Circulatory System

System Function:

To supply oxygenated blood to the body parts from the heart and to get deoxygenated blood to the heart for purification.


Heart, Blood vessels i.e. 482 more words

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Don't Skip A Beat: A Feline's Circulatory System

A feline’s circulatory system, or cardiovascular system, is responsible for circulating blood throughout the body. Its role is to transport oxygen, nutritive substances, immune substances, hormones, and chemicals to the tissues and organs of the body necessary for normal function. 1,526 more words


Red Suits

I’m in the Head Office, the Heart, dropping off my case and brushing my hands together to rid them of non-existent dirt. People, or… 1,278 more words

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Unit of Inquiry - Who We Are - How Blood Circulates through The Heart and Lungs

What a fun way to learn about circulatory system!  Grade 4 students showed their understanding of how blood circulates through the heart and lungs and to all parts of human body by walking on this huge “circulatory system mat”. 59 more words

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CCSVI: Chronic Infection May be Compromising Drainage of Your Brain and Spinal Cord

I just returned yesterday from my third trip to the Sophia Health Institute for Lyme disease and mold illness treatment. The trip was really productive, and I am so grateful to have had this third experience with the wonderful, incredibly knowledgeable and compassionate staff at SHI! 1,363 more words

Chronic Infection