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Don't Skip A Beat: A Feline's Circulatory System

A feline’s circulatory system, or cardiovascular system, is responsible for circulating blood throughout the body. Its role is to transport oxygen, nutritive substances, immune substances, hormones, and chemicals to the tissues and organs of the body necessary for normal function. 1,526 more words


Red Suits

I’m in the Head Office, the Heart, dropping off my case and brushing my hands together to rid them of non-existent dirt. People, or… 1,278 more words

Short Stories

How Blood Circulate Through The Heart and Lungs

What a fun way to learn about circulatory system!  Not only they memorize the blood circulation, but they also understand how blood circulate through the heart and lungs.   27 more words

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CCSVI: Chronic Infection May be Compromising Drainage of Your Brain and Spinal Cord

I just returned yesterday from my third trip to the Sophia Health Institute for Lyme disease and mold illness treatment. The trip was really productive, and I am so grateful to have had this third experience with the wonderful, incredibly knowledgeable and compassionate staff at SHI! 1,363 more words

Chronic Infection

Respiratory, Circulatory, Digestive Systems

The most important take away in this note is that all organ systems work together to get our body function.

The digestive system takes care of the food that is ingested into our body and separates out the nutrients and undigested food (waste materials). 153 more words


The Beagle is an easy-to-care for dog, as it is a small and sturdy hound that is squarely built and a hardy breed. The Beagle… 1,853 more words