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C24/7: The Heart Protector

C24/7 Natura-ceuticals is a Natural Antioxidant and the flagship product of Alliance in Motion (AIM) Global is manufactured by Aim Global’s partner company, the Nature’s Way.  242 more words

Skeletal System: Facts, Function & Diseases

Skeletal System: Facts, Function & Diseases

This article gives a detailed description of the skeletal system. Not only does it go into detail about the bones of the human body, but it also gifts a brief explanation of animals and their bone structure. 87 more words

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What Lack of Sleep Can Do to Your Heart?

This is a very long overdue post that I have intended to share several months back. So now that I have gotten the time to pick up my pen and write, I want to share my thoughts with you on this post that I read way back from last year. 1,028 more words

Ask The Nurse



What is it?

  • an issue with your heart’s rate or rhythm
    • too fast = tachycardia; too slow = bradycardia
  • an abnormality with your heartbeat…
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Circulatory System

Sex-Square, Wounding & Magic-Feb12-13

Snapshot: Early Sunday morning, there was an adjustment to create an ease around intimacy, power, and Soul-service. Followed soon after by some wounding thoughts or words. 495 more words

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Angina Pectoris

What is it?

Angina is pain or discomfort felt when the heart muscles don’t receive enough blood, and therefore oxygen. It can also cause pain in other places throughout the upper body. 294 more words

Circulatory System

Deep Vein Thrombosis


  • This happens when a thrombus forms in one or more of the deep veins in your body.
  • May cause leg pain and swelling but you may not experience symptoms.
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Circulatory System