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No use for the truth.

I just had a guy tell me he had no use for my page or for me and the only thing I could think of is, “Who has no use for the truth about circumcision?” 159 more words


Galatians 3: Why Abraham?

That Abraham “believed in God and was declared righteous” is an important point for Paul. But it is critical to Paul’s point to know when… 554 more words


The Cross of Our Lord Jesus Christ

The Cross  of Our Lord  Jesus Christ

Many people  are embarrassed  to mention  Jesus Christ.     The world  belligerently bullies Christians  by forcefully taking down evidence  of the Ten Commandments,  nativity scenes,  the cross,  and references to Moses  or God.     508 more words


Zipporah and the Eucharist

Tim has generously invited me to express my thoughts here about his post “Zipporah, the woman who mediated with God for her husband,” considering his idea of Zipporah’s priestly act for her husband Moses. 1,855 more words

Body Modifications For Babies

Just real quick, circumcision was a thing on twitter tonight (thanks Onion, you liberal pansy), and I can understand y ppl tlak lyk dis cuz twtr only allows a few fucking characters per post/message, which is a million times more annoying than vine’s 7-second thing, but vine isn’t too bad, because some of the people on there are really good at making those 7 seconds enjoyable and interesting. 483 more words

Study: Circumcision Permanently Alters the Brain, Researchers Threatened

After discovering that the trauma from circumcision permanently altered the baby’s brain in regions associated with reasoning, perception and emotions, the researchers were threatened to destroy their results or face legal action and immediate dismissal. 568 more words

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Acts and the Antioch Incident

Galatians 2:11-14 describes a serious confrontation between Paul and Peter. This incident takes place at Antioch some time before the Jerusalem conference in Acts 15. For Paul, Peter’s withdrawal from table fellowship is plainly hypocrisy. 307 more words