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Foreskin Restoration Progress: Day 3 - May 23 (2015-05-23)

Quick one today because I’m super tired and I want to go to bed.  I’m technically cheating in calling this Day 3 because it’s actually 3:47 AM the day after, but I got up at noon yesterday and I haven’t slept yet so I’m technically still on the same day, biologically speaking. 270 more words


Florida jails mom for defying court-ordered circumcision of her 4-year-old son

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by Joan Shipps
May 19, 2015

eather Hironimus, a 31-year-old mother from Boyton Beach, sits in jail for fleeing with her 4-year-old son from a surgical circumcision mandate, requested by the boy’s father, and imposed by the Florida court of law. 82 more words


After week in jail, Florida mom agrees to son's circumcision

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. (AP) — A Florida woman who was jailed after fleeing with her son to avoid the boy’s circumcision is giving up her yearslong fight over the surgery. 107 more words


After Week In Jail, Mom Agrees To Son’s Circumcision

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DELRAY BEACH, Fla. (CBSMiami/AP) — A woman’s yearslong battle against her child’s father over the boy’s circumcision ended Friday with her agreeing to the procedure in exchange for her release from jail. 427 more words


Foreskin Restoration Progress: Day 2 - May 21st (2015-05-21)

Obviously since I’m only on day 2 one can’t expect any significant changes.  I have been noticing, however, that the skin of my penis behaves differently after a while of stretching.   248 more words


What Is The Advantage Of The Jew?

Starting in Romans 1:18, Paul discusses the gentile and how they have no excuse and will be judged by the Torah.  In Romans 2:12 through near the end Paul is telling the Jew their physical election of being a Jew nor their physical circumcision is nothing without circumcision of the heart and they will be judged according to the Torah.  312 more words


Foreskin Restoration Progress: Day 1 - May 20 (2015-05-20)

The reason I’ve decided to start blogging my foreskin restoration routine is that even though no one expects great results in a day, the process of regaining lost tissue can be discouraging.   267 more words