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Sound advice

Have you ever thought how important music is to you? Stop telling lies now, of course you haven’t.

Most people don’t think about it at all until it’s too late and they’re on the BBC Radio 4’s ‘Desert Island Discs’ program and Natasha Kaplinski is sitting there asking “How important is music to you?” Whereupon they suddenly realise that music is even more important than clean underwear, and without a regular supply of both they’d be sucking their shoelaces for some form of solace. 1,258 more words

Our Way

A brit and a wedding - expanding the tribe of Israel

“What’s his name?”

The women whisper between themselves, not sure they heard correctly: “What’s his name?”

“Shimon? Ah, Shimon… that’s a good name.”

“Shimon, because of Lag BaOmer. 787 more words


Stevieslaw: Orangy Felon to Flee

Stevieslaw: Orangy Felon to Flee
The Washington-post reported today that President Trump is using his upcoming international tour as a smokescreen for his real intent—to flee the United States before he is indicted. 183 more words


Wednesday in the Fifth Week of Easter

Image: Springtime in the Greenhouse, Inuvik
Acts 15.1-6  |  Psalm 122  |  John 15.1-8

As the last of the snow and ice slowly melts away, thoughts are turning to the activities of spring which include the planting of a garden. 533 more words

Scripture Reflection

Visit to Urologist

Last month, I had an appointment with a urologist regarding my foreskin restoration. I’ve waited eight months for this appointment, totalling almost 10 months since I began restoring using manual tugging techniques with only my hands, tugging on average one hour per day. 817 more words