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A Very Special Brit Milah

When I was a child growing up in a suburb of Los Angeles, our next door neighbors were also our best friends.  This was in an era before genetic testing, and our neighbors, who had 3 daughters and a son, had two children diagnosed with cystic fibrosis.   396 more words

Circumcision in South Korea

“Circumcision itself was almost unknown in South Korea before before the US trusteeship, 1945-48, and the heavy US involvement in the Korean War; 1950-53. Older men report not having heard of it (except in a biblical context) before then. 86 more words

Autocircumcision With Silicone Glans Ring

Just like daddy.

I dated an un-cut guy once.  Yow know what I’m talking about; an intact guy, not circumcised. This lucky fellow had parents who didn’t put blind trust and their newborn baby boy into a doctor’s hands. 115 more words


The uncircumcised penis (UP) did not know it was uncircumcised. The UP’s lack of this awareness came from the presumption that all other penises in the pants of all other men and boys looked just like it did: wrapped in a flesh coat its host could peel back when needed, e.g. 1,213 more words

Doctor's Arrest Brings Attention To US Female Circumcisions

DETROIT (AP) — The case against a Michigan doctor accused of circumcising two 7-year-old girls highlights how the practice is alive and well in parts of the Western world where its adherents have migrated and formed communities. 134 more words

What are you doing?

Today I am walking along the path that many in my village, located on the Indian Coast of Madagascar, have walked. It leads me uphill, through thickets and jungle overgrowth, to a spring where our sacred water flows. 37 more words


When Condemning Genital Mutilation Is Racist

I am universally opposed to genital mutilation. It does not matter to me if your religion considers the alteration of the human sexual organs divinely ordained or your culture finds it morally defensible.  765 more words