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Today in Transportation History - 2016: The First Asian Woman to Fly Solo Around the World

Airline transport pilot and certified flight instructor Wang Zheng (also known as Julie Wang) became the first Asian woman to circumnavigate the Earth in an airplane, and the first Chinese woman to fly solo around the world, when she returned to the Texas town of Addison in the Dallas area 33 days after starting her global journey there. 126 more words


Today in Transportation History - 1859: The Austrian Empire Gets In On The Circumnavigation Game

SMS Novara, an Austrian Navy frigate, completed one of the more significant circumnavigations of the 19th century. The ship’s historic journey began on April 30, 1857, and it had the distinction of being the first round-the-world voyage undertaken by the Austrian Empire. 370 more words


Canoeing around Britain by Colin Skeath and Davis Gould-Duff

Colin Skeath and Davis Gould-Duff have just completed an incredible voyage canoeing around Britain. They finished on 25th July 2017 at Strontian after completing the circumnavigation by paddling and sailing their canoe an estimated 2100 miles, clockwise. 213 more words

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Today in Transportation History - 2016: The First Solar-Powered Circumnavigation of the Earth

More than 16 months after leaving Abu Dhabi, the experimental solar-powered monoplane Solar Impulse 2 completed its first-of-a-kind circumnavigation of Earth by returning to the capital city of the United Arab Emirates. 341 more words


Prince William Sound and Kenai Fjords, Alaska, June 2017

We left the Inside Passage behind for our third Gulf of Alaska crossing on June 9, 2017 and had an easy passage except that first I, and then Seth, came down with some sort of flu. 639 more words

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Around the World in Twelve Days

Phileas Fogg did it in eighty days. The protagonist of Jules Verne’s famous novel circumnavigated the world in 80 days, to win a wager of 20,000 pounds with members of London’s Reform Club. 540 more words