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Clara-fying a few more things

As I’ve informed you dear readers before, my mother purchased her first smartphone a month prior to my trip. Her new found ability to contact me via text wherever in the world I happen to be, has not gone unused. 514 more words


If you're THANKful today, how about GIVING to others?

While you are surrounded today by friends, family, and all the joys of Thanksgiving please take a moment to consider two situations unlike your thankful afternoon. 367 more words


Hurricane Heidi Enters Florida

Following a major overhaul in for Hudo in North Carolina, Heidi and Hudo are continuing their journey around the world.  They are now in Northern Florida.  166 more words


Once Again - Currently driving around the world in a 1930 Hudson!

Hopefully, Heidi and Hudo have Willy Nelson on the wireless because the two of them are finally back on the road again. The root cause of Hudo’s troubles turned out to be a broken oil line in the oil pan.   149 more words


Hudo to Undergo Overhaul in Charlotte, NC

Heidi had been enjoying her trip down the East Coast of the US.  As one might expect from an octagenarian on an around-the-world-voyage, Hudo has had some issues.  367 more words


Heide Continues to Explore Wilmington NC

Heidi and Hudo are still in Wilmington NC, where Hudo has experienced technical difficulties.  They have found wonderful support in NC from mechanics and machine shops.   85 more words


Blog is back!

Hi everyone! We’re finally getting back to the blog – many apologies for going so long without a post.  We’ll get started again on chronicling our sailing voyage this past summer very soon here, but in the meantime I have some new articles out and we’ve re-worked some of the old pages to include new and bigger photos. 205 more words

Arctic Voyage