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Serving a Greater Good

Never underestimate God’s ability to turn around your circumstances for His greater glory…

Crissy Moran, made a more than comfortable living as an adult actress. Her website alone earned her over $15,000 a month. 70 more words


The circumstances I wish we've met and began - again

Let’s start with the cliche.

• Maybe we’d meet in a task-filled afternoon. I’d be sitting at a cozy coffee shop, tapping my pen into an empty pad of paper. 705 more words

Disclosures And Open Letters

The Awkward Departure of your Comfort Zone.

Hello my dear blogger friends:)

Did you know that yesterday, I accidentally had an oopsie day? I realized at the end of the day that I had on red shoes, blue track pants, a purple shirt and a rainbow head band? 390 more words


I’m not true to myself.
Sometimes a vicious spite builds up
crimson fangs sink into my chest,
dull, heavy thud in my head.
It makes my soul recoil from the venom supplied. 157 more words



One candle burns bright. Hidden behind a curtain, there is a second.

I look at the flame, still of the flame. The air breathes and the flame reacts. 130 more words


Embracing Seasons of Change

The human heart is resistant to change. We don’t like surprises. We like to be able to predict outcomes. But God doesn’t operate that way. He doesn’t care for the mentality of control freaks like me. 1,512 more words



Circumstance is that element in our lives of which we have little control over. Our environment, unanticipated occurrences, and the actions of others will at times challenge our ability to accomplish our plans. 68 more words