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#reality ⚡

“The situation may seem good right now but don’t forget to be in reality, life is not a fantasy”


in a blink

Yesterday afternoon our visitors had to leave already. Three and a half days full of activities, sightseeing and shopping. Plus the obligatory games of Scrabble and single malt scotch evenings, discussing all and sundry, while the kids were tucked away in their beds.  955 more words


#circumstance ⌛

“Don’t worry – a bad situation won’t last forever. Nothing lasts forever although it may feel never-ending”


So goes art...

We make our plans and life has a way of rearranging them. The same thing happens with artwork. We start out with a sketch, hoping to turn it into a similar painting. 148 more words


Today's the day

Today my friend and her kids will arrive. Been so looking forward to this.

All business responsibilities have been dealt with, today the house has to be put in order and geared up for three more folks to sleep here. 11 more words

On How It Is

There’s danger in a system of justice that makes no allowance for circumstance. – The Queen of the Tearling, Erika Johansen

Book Quotes

A Bright Spot Just Beyond

A cool concept I realized lately occurred in such a sudden moment, that had I not been actively paying attention to, would’ve missed completely. In fact, had I not taken the… 630 more words