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Lesbian Film|Circumstance 2011 LIMITED|Lesbian Full Movie for you

Lesbian Film|Circumstance 2011 LIMITED is Lesbian Movie for all you guys, enjoy this movie :) 19 more words


Goodbye Is A Dirty Word

Throughout our lives we will say goodbye many times. Most of us say “goodbye” in some form every day. Somehow, when taken out of context, goodbye seems so permanent. 959 more words


"We are wonderfully and fearfully made."

Sometimes, things happen when we least expect it. That closed door in the face; that amazing opportunity; and that humbling moment of realisation that what you had planned never really lined up to what was already planned for you. 246 more words


Know The Score

As sports fans, when it’s time to make a big decision, I often tell my boys that we must “know the score.”

In other words, know the truth – not what we want the truth to be. 403 more words

Life Plans

Weighing the Options.

You do not truly understand stress, until you’re less than a month away from graduating college. Preparedness is a thing of the past and panic is a cruel punch to the gut in place of it. 171 more words


Your Pathway to Joy in Any Circumstance

by Dr Jack Graham

Keep your eager hope in the promises of God, and you’ll discover joy that goes beyond any circumstance.

Your Pathway to Joy in Any Circumstance… 239 more words



My shadowed circumstance
whittles me to pieces
tires me with its dark questions
I’ve become a stranger to myself
seeing half a face
when the moon is full… 79 more words