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A Captive of Circumstance

We are each bounded by our own experience. In some ways, we are our experience. I am the cumulative sum of what I have perceived, felt, thought, etc. 511 more words


A Sea of Contentment

Though my journey toward self-love is far from over; I have come to find a certain peace in the process of discovery.  284 more words


Developing Spiritual Consciousness 1/5

1957 Inner Working Group Series

Joel S. Goldsmith

803A – Lesson On Developing Spiritual Consciousness 1/5

 This is Sunday, November 17th,, and this is a lesson. 1,039 more words


Today's Thought: Willing Thanks

The Blessing of Adversity: No matter what your circumstances, obey the biblical injunction to give thanks, “for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus” (1 Thessalonians 5:18, NASB)

Daily Thoughts

Trust Him When You Don't Know

The patriarch Jacob has dealt with his fears before. He has wrestled with God and prevailed and has heard over and over that God is with him, but still he feared meeting Esau, expecting the worst. 339 more words


Let's Brace for Impact: Job Hunt 2016.

I talk about my employment status a lot.

I mention it in passing, I tweet about it, I joke about it, post about it on Facebook and Tumblr and Instagram and make signs that I hang outside my window that advertise it. 600 more words


Will We?

After their capitol city Jerusalem was destroyed, many of the people of Israel spent a long period living in exile.  Finally the king of Persia begins to allow some to return to start rebuilding their holy city.   448 more words