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on: circumstance, seasons, & being utterly behind

It has taken me a long time to realize the impact my environment has on me. Living in a city – especially one like Montreal, with its seemingly never-ending winters – makes me long so much to be out in sunny nature. 1,119 more words


There Is Always Someone Else Who Wants Your Problems

Ah, the good ol’ fashioned pity party. You’ve had a shit day, challenged at every corner. The whole world just seems to be going against you. 160 more words



Read – 1 Kings 20
Focus on verses 13, 28

Everything that happens, happens for a purpose. This is not the first time I have written of this idea that there are no accidents. 450 more words

Daily Devotional

If You Could Decide What Would Your Life Look Like?

There are tremendous forces at work with life. They crush and crumble our plans easily. That’s why plans are useless. Planning is useful thought, because it allows us to mentally prepare for things to come and then adjust accordingly. 163 more words


The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Happiness

Stop giving up so quick!

People simply give up too soon. The game of life is meant to be complicated, yet, too many people quit playing before seeing it through to the end. 274 more words


Truth and Circumstances

In a perfect world, truth would be so much easier if everything were transparent…except, its not. Transparency isn’t the norm. So much of the circumstance of every human encounter remains hidden to each participant. 440 more words

Daily Thoughts

John 19 Power in Authority

Pilate was clearly agitated. He did not like the thoughts that he was thinking in the silence. He was afraid. He was uncertain, and he was in charge and would be held responsible for what was happening in this city he was ruler over. 365 more words