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trails of grace



Both these words possess the same letters, but with a flip of two letters we have a whole new word.

Trials lead us to blaze new trails. 443 more words


How Shall I live?

Emerson spent the fall of 1851 working on the essay “Fate.” The first lecture in the series he delivered in Boston, that would later be published as… 3,473 more words


Over and Over and Over and Over - 4/10/16

Tears forfeit use when

you’ve been here before;

again and again.

What We Can Learn From a Trial

The book of Job has been popping up recently in conversation, so I’ll take a cue that I should write about it. James tells us that Job was a man who persevered so we would become aware of what God is capable of—even through the worst of circumstances… 2,086 more words


Morning Reveille

The battle rages on,
Must get into the fray.
As evil forces
Take their courses,
What good can I do today?

Before I get out of bed, 126 more words


Freeing Yourself Up from Worry

The year is 2004. NFL superstar Tony Romo is in his second year playing for the Dallas Cowboys. Although he is talented, Romo still has an uphill battle to prove himself to the organization that signed him and become the superstar that we know of him as today. 500 more words


Yellow Buds

the circumstance of spring
a clarion call
to courage in beauty