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Well hello there January 1

I initially planned on purging everything that transpired in 2016 but as I sat down and started going over everything in the world….I just got super gloomy and hella wore out. 1,054 more words

Destined for More than This

Do you ever wake up in the morning knowing that you’re destined to do something great? A feeling that there just has to be something more to your life than where it is now?  524 more words


The Power of a Good Song

When I’m at work, I like to zone out to some good house music. The power of song can get us thru tough times or rough seasons in life. 349 more words



I normally don’t do this too often but when I seen this picture I cried. So here’s the realist throwback Thursday you’ll ever witness from me. 1,282 more words


Think the face

Of bitterness

A gargoyle set in stone

It’s made of bone

Below with flesh

That weeps of blood

When cut like you… 25 more words

Beyond Passion

I truly admire people who have hobbies that they are passionate about: whether it’s poetry, fitness or playing an instrument. I admire that they have that one thing that they can always go back to that will make them happy, no matter what the circumstance. 97 more words


Advent Week: Hope 

This week I broke my first pair of Ripstix, at 5:30am…They are lightly weighted drumsticks used in a fitness class I’ve been taking (I shared about POUND one Friday Favepost) for the last 11 months. 372 more words

God's Word