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CA2 tumbling- 31st May

Conversely, we had a much smaller group in the CA2 class (as it is half-term in schools, although not yet for the National Centre). With 7 participants, we had much more time to spot everyone. 304 more words


CA2 tumbling- Sat 24th May

Today was, if I’m honest, not the most exciting class, but we did an awful lot of work on improving round-offs. Hopefully in the long-run, that will prove to be exciting! 127 more words


CA2 Tumbling- Sat 18th May

Today was one of those days I asked for special requests- and then regretted it! Sobayo asked to learn cartwheel side somersault, which is not something I’ve even ever tried. 144 more words


CA2 Tumbling- 10th May

We had a full class today, with 3 or 4 newcomers to the class, including some of last term’s CA1 students.

We did some basics, including fwd and bwd rolls with straight legs, all one handed cartwheels, and tuck/straddle/pike to handstand forward rolls. 54 more words


5th April- CA2 tumbling

We had some fun and tried quite a mixture of moves today.

We kicked off with similar moves to the CA1 class– forward rolls into tuck/ straddle/ pike up to handstand, forward roll out. 188 more words


29th March- Tumbling CA2

Today’s requests were handstands, and things to run into.

We did handstand forward rolls, and tried tucking, straddling and piking up into the handstands. It’s definitely something that needs looked at again, and I would like to do some handstand walking and pirouettes soon. 41 more words


I never imagined

How busy – or how tired – I’d be while working at the RAI in Amsterdam. With schedules and deadlines to fill, a hotel about 30 minutes away and a 14ish hour day there’s no time to post blogs or do anything else. 13 more words

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