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What is it?

A restaurant, where circus acts perform on the tables, throughout the night.

Where is it?

Covent Garden

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The Crazed Beauty of The Last Circus

Alex de la Iglesia‘s The Last Circus isn’t for the faint of heart; people are mutilated, disfigured and emotionally scarred beyond the point of saving. But behind the terror lies a simple story of love gone wrong; after sad clown Javier (a fearless Carlos Areces) falls in love with Natalia (Carolina Bang), girlfriend of the sadistic happy clown Sergio (Antonio de la Torre), both men start to lose┬átheir grip on reality. 132 more words


A Magical Escape

The story begins with Prospero and the Man in the Grey Suit starting a game. We don’t know the rules, we don’t know when it will start and we don’t even know both of the players. 666 more words


Circus Girl 1

Crayola Crayon & Free Hand

They never could quite make sense of her. Rarely did her behavior warrant a reprimand and yet she wasn’t quite what they wanted her to be. 112 more words


Ready, Set, Go! Thoughts on being a perfomer

The reality of being a performer is not that glamorous, as a free lancer I travel to a venue, set up do the show and return home. 364 more words


Abstract | Double Jointed

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Description From Photographer if Any:

Double jointed, extremely flexible girl performs on stage

By ThomasGeorge

Source: 500px.com