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Wednesday Everything, OMG 

Summer Intensive being over, Killer Class with Ms.B is back.

It wasn’t too bad yesterday, though I was too bad yesterday.

Sure, a year ago, I would’ve killed for a class in which I was like, “Yeah, I’m hella tired; I’ve only got half-baked double turns and single assemblés battu.” … 1,208 more words


Oldies but goodies - Des vernis ressortis d'un tiroir...

Pour ce post, des vernis portés, aimés, puis mis au fond d’un tiroir avant d’être – enfin! – ressortis et re-aimés! Ceux qui me font résister (un petit peu) aux nouvelles belles choses en me souvenant de mes merveilles en tiroir…  200 more words


Gonçalo Roque - Life and Cirque after Gymnastics

Once more I’m back with a new interview. This time I had the opportunity to talk with Gonçalo Roque, an International level Acrobatic Gymnast (with some great achievements to prove it) turned cirque performer. 873 more words


Cirque D'Hiver Papillons Noir Et Blanc Circus Poster

Cirque D’Hiver Papillons Noir Et Blanc Circus Poster

Cirque D’Hiver
Boulevard Des Filles-Du-Calvaire
Les Bureaux Ouvriront a’ 7 Heures 1/2.
Tous Les Soirs – On Commencera a’ 8 heures… 70 more words


In addition to submitting my audition registration forms, today I:

  • tidied and vacuumed my living room (oy vey)
  • got promoted to Trapeze 3 (BOOYAH!)
  • got oversplit back on the right side (though I suspect that me try to figure out how to get a yoga block under my front foot while in a full split probably made for a pretty hilarious floor show)
  • 32 more words


Here’s a simple and sunny French manicure in a rainbow’s worth of holographic lacquers, Enchanted Polish’s red February 2015, orange Desert Sunset and a smidge of sky blue September 2015, Cirque’s golden yellow Chyrsopoeia and Colors by Llarowe’s emerald green Gemini Rising (a polish I am somewhat scared of using, as the last time I wore it, it stained my nails pea green for the next four months.)  Cheery! 73 more words

Nail Art

Review: 4**** Hotel Black Cat @LdnWonderground @cabaretblackcat

We went to see Hotel Black Cat on 24 June 2016.  It was possibly not the best day for leaving the house – both of us were feeling decidedly dejected, not to mention sleep deprived, having watched the results of the referendum roll in all night long. 347 more words