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BGP Labeled Unicast #2

Sudah sebulan lebih masih berkutat dengan BGP Labeled Unicast. Gagal maning.

Cisco IOS router by default mengirimkan capability BGP IPv4 unicast (AFI 1/1) dan BGP IPv4 Labeled Unicast (SAFI 1/4) ke neighbor BGP-nya. 28 more words


Incomplete hardware address

Recently I was working on an issue where a VM with a load balancing function would lose network connectivity consistently every 10-15mins for approx. 5-10mins. 84 more words



What is IPSEC?

 IPSEC, short for IP Security, is a suite of protocols, standards, and algorithms to secure traffic over an untrusted network, such as the Internet. 664 more words


3 Diferencias y 20 Comandos de Cisco a HP switches.

¿Eres especialista en Cisco Switching?  ¡Bien! Ahora necesito que  hagas lo mismo pero con equipos  HP. ¿Puedes con el reto?

¡No desesperes! Aquí la repuesta. 310 more words


The Magic of APIs in the Contact Centre

Today we use applications that do so much for us – Facebook for example, we post messages, upload images and can check in on our travels. 471 more words