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They're Invented. So What?

by Machine Gun Bras, with aer pronouns here

The most common attack I see on any new pronoun/s is, but they’re invented / not grammatically correct / not standardized / not widespread… 318 more words


Stuff Cis People Say To Trans People

This video is excellent.

Transcription available here.

Reblogged from Questioning Transphobia.



Trigger warning for cisfail.

I gave C. a massive piece of my mind the other day over her use of the word ‘tranny.’ I think maybe I was too aggressive over it, but the first time she said it she got my back up by saying I couldn’t make her, and the second time prompted me to bring out all the big guns. 575 more words


(You Make Me Feel Like) An Unnatural Woman

Idaho GOP move to define marriage to exclude transgenders
Measure: Bond is between ‘naturally born’ man and woman

Idaho doesn’t recognize gay or lesbian marriage, but some Republicans want the state to go a step further.

112 more words
Questioning Transphobia

What's wrong with this picture?

Just when you thought that cis people’s crass fixation on trans people’s genitalia could go no further, along comes this article in Argentina’s Momento24 English… 340 more words

Questioning Transphobia