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Cistus salvifolius L.

This is a shrub of up to 1 m tall that is distributed all along S. Europe, N. Africa, SW. Asia and Macaronesia. Stems are procumbent or erect, with stellate hairs. 73 more words

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Cistus clusii Dunal

This is a shrub of up to 100 cm. tall, that can be found in calcareous zones of S. Europa, from S. Spain to S. Italy, and N. 61 more words

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Cistus albidus L.

Cistus albidus is a species of shrub in the Cistaceae known, in spanish, by the common name of “Jara Blanca”. It is most commonly found in thickets, mainly in quercus rotundifolia forests, along the western mediterranean region. 81 more words

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4 Bottles of Oils on the Wall

Welcome to the 22nd and last installment of 99 Bottles of Oils on the Wall! This series began a year ago, with each installment featuring information on 5 or less… 1,007 more words

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab: Laughter of Loki

BPAL Laughter of Loki

Serpentine green musk with fiery red ginger, sweet basil, alder leaf, white patchouli, cistus, and mistletoe.


Ever since I began looking into indie perfumes, this one has always been on the top of my wish list. 280 more words

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day - May 2017

I’ve just looked back at my GBBD post from a year ago and it’s all tulips with a few Narcissi – today’s is roses, poppies and pelargoniums.   794 more words

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day

Marquis de Sade by Etat Libre d'Orange

This is a perfume that only lists a single ingredient. Is that even possible? Does it make any sense at all? What’s the Marquis de Sade got to do with it? 1,130 more words