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Favourite plants at the end of September - Angel's Fishing Rod and Mignonette

It’s Springtime, so I have so many favourites it’s hard to choose. All month I’ve been loving Freesias and Daffodils and Iris and the Plum blossom. 224 more words


Bee Party

It’s been sunny and Bees and Bumble Bee Queens have been out and hitting their favourite flowers. The plum blossom is full out, but the favourites right now are the Rosemary and the Cistus Bennett’s White. 138 more words


In a Vase on Monday - saving blooms from the weather

I don’t feel bad taking flowers away from the garden this week, the wind and rain are going to trash the first Freesias, there are lots of daffodils, and the tulips will be over by next week. 210 more words

Cut Flowers

The garden - Saturday 22 June 2003

Lychnis and Morello Cherry

Calendula and Sweet William ‘Sooty’



Perennial Yellow Foxglove

Montpellier Rock Rose (Cistus montspeliensis) and Rue

Purple Foxglove

Pictures John Scott

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Recent breakthrough: Turns Active Ingredients In Seaweed Able to Prevent Flu

Recent breakthrough: Turns Active Ingredients In Seaweed Able to Prevent Flu

The flu virus can attack very easily. Either langsungyaitu particles ejected through flu patients when sneezing or coughing, or indirectly through the goods which touched the patient flu.Sadar or not, the flu is a major cause of absenteeism at work and school. 414 more words


Mouth-rinse: Hydrosols and Xylitol

In conjunction with a toothpaste I made to help treat gum inflammation, it seemed wise to concoct a soothing mouth-rinse that could be used to: 384 more words


Promotia YOUNG LIVING a lunii IULIE 2015!

Dragi prieteni si iubitori de uleiuri esentiale,

Excelenta Christica, manifestata prin puritate, frumusete si gingasie si in regatul plantelor, face ca, regele Solomon sa fi mentionat Trandafirul din Sharon, in Cantarea Cantarilor, in Biblie. 683 more words

Iulia Vornehm