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4/12 - 4/14 updates


im continuing my off site school project at home and installing the final led wiring on my second gundam.
in this diorama project, ill be using 2 gundams instead of 3 due to the wires that i have are not going to be sufficient as i am on budget. 29 more words

4/3 - 4/10 updates


trying to figure out why my series circuit isnt working while it was working the other time when i installed it; going to take a look at it again. 243 more words

3/20 - 3/30 updates


I’ve met up with my art mentor last friday, Jarod Charzewski. We’ve talked about the recap of what we’v discussed last semester.
after he remembered what my project was like, i showed him my coded processing + arduino + LEDs and he said that he wants something more interactive instead of pushing buttons for the light show. 464 more words

feb 20 and feb 23 updates

this weekend ive been looking around like which one is much more efficient: parallel or series circuit (picture shown below)
ive been looking also for ways how to connect them together without soldering as a last resort. 129 more words

feb 15 update

watching youtube videos which resistors will be the best one to handle multiple LEDs.
also been watching tutorials how to install LEDs.

Coyle awarded top young rider at WEF after two more wins on final day

Daniel Coyle capped a great weekend at the Winter Equestrian Festival by coming out on top in Sunday’s $50,000 Hollow Creek Farm U25 Grand Prix Finale at Palm Beach International Equestrian Center in Wellington, Florida, and then going on to claim the $50,000 1m50 Suncast National Grand Prix. 213 more words

Equestrian: International

Double-clear nets second place for Coyle in $216,000 Florida Grand Prix

After a five-way jump-off, Ireland’s Daniel Coyle claimed second place in last night’s four-star $216,000 Wanderers Club Grand Prix as the Winter Equestrian Festival in Wellington, Florida drew towards its conclusion. 127 more words

Equestrian: International