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Citadel announces West Side Story

OK, so now we know two grand-scale offerings in the Citadel’s upcoming 50th anniversary season. The Citadel will revisit West Side Story in the 2015-2016 season. 100 more words


Life, Death, and the Blues

Before I went to the preview show of Life, Death, and the Blues, I had difficulty describing what it was going to be like, despite reading the various posters and previews.  625 more words


Venus in Fur: lots of laughs, but psychological drama overshadowed

Being familiar with a play before seeing it performed on stage can be a double-sided sword. Any preconceived ideas and expectations you have going in can either take you out of the moment of the play, or can delight you with the brilliance, creativity and insight of the artists in producing something fresh or even new to you, even though it’s still the same script. 1,114 more words

Edmonton Theatre

Onstage in Edmonton, 2014

Strange things happened in 2014. It was the year an outdoor venue mysteriously got wrecked while its roof was getting replaced during a wind storm – in January – and an artistic director vanished mysteriously during the run of a collection of short plays in downtown elevators. 2,109 more words


December 11, 2014

The Club in the Citadel theatre has the best lighting.


A Christmas Carol is back: the Yule season can begin

“Hullo, my little cock robin!” cries Bob Cratchit, catching sight of Tiny Tim and Mrs. Cratchit outside the chilly offices of Scrooge & Marley where he scrabbles out a meagre living. 607 more words


Catalyst bids adieu to C103 with Elephant Wake

It was an emotional finale to an emotional show. And it came as the coda to Friday’s opening night performance of Elephant Wake, Joey Tremblay’s immensely resonant solo show about memory, nostalgia and loss – revived after 19 years by Catalyst Theatre in a production directed by its visionary designer Bretta Gerecke. 499 more words