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Citadel Theatre announces 2017/2018 season

Daryl Cloran’s enthusiasm is contagious. Daryl, who joined the Citadel Theatre last year as the new Artistic Director, announced the Citadel Theatre’s upcoming 2017/2018 season tonight to much excitement amongst the audience. 177 more words

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Controversy surrounds Walterdale decision to cast white woman as Othello

Online pressure triggered a female actor’s decision to withdraw from the role of Othello, forcing the Walterdale Theatre to cancel its upcoming production of Shakespeare’s play. 707 more words

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10 things I'm going to do in 2017 - (NOT resolutions!) #4 - Embrace my Old Timey Self!

Inside this middle-aged (can’t believe I’m typing that!) body beats the heart of an old timey yet ridiculously festive granny. I love big band music and can sing/imitate the oboe for all of Glenn Miller’s tunes. 444 more words

Social Seen: Fortune Falls and Symphonie 5.1

Codie McLachlan hits some of our city’s best bashes to snap photos for our weekly Social Seen column. He is an Edmonton photojournalist. Email your event suggestions to… 229 more words

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Chocolate dreams melt away in Fortune Falls

What happens to your town, and the resident’s sense of self, when the primary economic driver dries up?

It’s a question Albertans are all too familiar with, especially lately. 1,102 more words

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Theatre review: Surreal magic of Fortune Falls keeps audience guessing

Fortune Falls is a pretty little town, based on a single occupation.

Pretty much everybody works for the Mercey Chocolate Company. “I put my faith in Mercey, for Mercey will provide,” its townsfolk sing, in earnest prayer. 775 more words


Disgraced: race, culture and Islamophobia explode on the Citadel stage

There used to be rules about topics best avoided in mixed company, but our plugged-in civilization now seems fuelled by its out-loud opinions and outrage. 1,027 more words