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Columbus Now One Of The Fastest Growing Cities In The US #CockTALES

You might be saying but we live in Cleveland……BUT ! This is big for the whole state, we will all reap the benefits on Columbus’ unprecedented growth. 98 more words


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Washington, DC

We lived in the DC area from 2003 to 2008 and we loved it, particularly the historic area of DC with all the old neoclassical buildings. 326 more words

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Travelogue K10


From my futon in the hotel room, I spent some time thinking back on all the plastic food models which I had encountered to that point. 480 more words


E036 Surviving Society with the BSA: Karis Campion

Mixedness in Birmingham: Karis Campion joined us to discuss her PhD on mixed race identities and why place, space and time must be integral to our analysis of mixedness in the UK. 31 more words


The Streets of Istanbul

My weight shifts heavily from side to side as I plop down an implausibly steep street for my morning walk. The apartments on either side of me lean towards each other, decorated in strings of drying laundry and a spattering of satellite dishes. 511 more words