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Between Two Cities

As a child, Chicago was the ideal.

It was the city of my birth, it flowed in my veins from my father, a native of its streets. 281 more words


Santiago and Valparaiso: a cultural explosion

Having spent a more than a week away from civilisation in the Bolivian salt flats and the Atacama desert, arriving in Santiago and later moving to Valparaiso felt like a cultural explosion I hadn’t experienced so far in my trip. 1,526 more words


Songs About A Place

A lot of these songs aren’t really about a place, they just mention a place. 77 more words


Green Infrastructure Through the Revival of Ancient Wisdom

Gray infrastructures made of steel and concrete, which we built to connect our physical world, are shallow or even fake constructs that are destroying the real and deep connections between human beings and nature and among various natural processes and flows. 2,091 more words

Landscape Architecture

Running in Brisbane

Running in Brisbane was a very enjoyable experience. Not only is the Australian city generally a nice place, but it’s especially amazing for running. There are great parcs, walkways and much more. 500 more words


My home-cities

I’m form a very small village in northen italy, here you have some picture to understand what is my reality.

picture from my room

sunset… 112 more words