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Sunrise over Grenoble

I’m not much of an alcohol drinker and I’ve never mixed a drink in my life (unless you count a rare shot of Bailey’s into hot cocoa), but if there was ever a name for a drink, it would be Sunrise over Grenoble. 113 more words


Hotel Gym Hopping

Cities can become very unfriendly to humans, because of pollution, infrastucture, climate. A lot should be done to change that. It makes running an elite activity which can only be conducted in secluded spaces, not in public congested streets. 192 more words


In San Diego, Rescuing our River After the Rain

The San Diego River is full of trash. In an effort to keep it under control, the San Diego River Park Foundation organizes clean-ups two or three times each week. 561 more words


A guy who rolls

Every city in the West is alike the other. The avenue crosses the street; a business district, a campus, a mall, fast-foods, Starbucks, pink-haired tennagers, white-collars rushing in and out from shiny monolites; some faceless monuments of local significance, you name it. 208 more words


Holocaust Memorial, Berlin

Some stories need stones
To tell them since silence
Best speaks them. Some
Stories need eyes to hear them
When speech is given
To ghosts. Some stories… 47 more words


Love Poem

Love is a new city
Walked through street by street
Love is holding hands
Love is aching feet
A new city is uncertain routes
Unhealthy foods, unempty… 37 more words


The Maritime Museum of the Atlantic...it's time to be enlightened

Part 1 of 2.  To fully appreciate the strategic location and history of Halifax, ensure you spend time at the city’s Maritime Museum of the Atlantic… 75 more words