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Budapest & the rest (is not history)

Alright, just a little bit more history first. Many memorials and landmarks found across Europe as a whole are dedicated to experiences of WW1 or WW2. 704 more words


99% Invisible

The website of popular podcast 99% Invisible invites visitors to explore off-the-beaten-path topics in design, architecture, and technology.


Smart Cities ?

This article is good. A valid criticism, if a little dramatically dystopian:


The “bad part of town” will be full of algorithms that shuffle you straight from high-school detention into the prison system.

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Shades of Toronto Graffiti (Part 1)

Toronto, being the big city that it is, has more than its share of diverse street or wall art, more commonly called graffiti.  This isn’t every one’s cup of tea, but it’s hard to ignore the creative expression that goes into these highly stylized works. 110 more words


The 10 Coolest Cities Around the World to Visit in 2018

(Source: www.forbes.com)

The world keeps getting bigger. Every serious traveler I know says their wish list grows longer, not shorter, every time they dip into a new region or hear about where someone else has been. 1,222 more words

Money Matters

Autonomous Cars Are About To Transform The Suburbs

(Source: www.forbes.com)

By Joel Kotkin and Alan M. Berger

Suburbs have largely been dismissed by environmentalists and urban planners as bad for the planet, a form that needed to be eliminated to make way for a bright urban future. 566 more words

Money Matters