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Safest Cities to Live

The other day my husband showed my this BBC Article, about living in the world’s five safest cities. According to the BBC, they are Osaka (Tokyo), Amsterdam, Sydney, Singapore and Stockholm. 139 more words


"Don't wait for the next thing, make the next thing happen!"

From Humans of NY:

“I stumbled upon a National Treasure yesterday.

I was walking down 3rd Avenue when I noticed an old man in a wheelchair. 289 more words


Toyota's futuristic iRoad looks like a jellybean, and drives like one, too

I hate cars for a multitude of reasons, both logical (I’m afraid of getting hit by one) and illogical (cars are just so boring).

But it’s a complicated way to be, hating things. 1,721 more words


Where -- and how -- do you want to live

When DH and I began planning our laneway we started by looking around at what was familiar to us.   We had a pretty conventionally designed condo, two beds and two baths,  and we couldn’t get around the idea that we were going to be living in less than half the space we had.   811 more words

Laneway House

Driverless electric taxis could be huge for the planet. Here, let these Legos explain

A smart driverless electric taxi system isn’t just a string of buzzwords — it could actually come with huge savings for the environment, according to a new study in… 10 more words


Climate action by cities could help us avoid the worst of climate change

In the tepid slugfest that is international climate negotiations, governments around the world are currently submitting their emission reduction pledges to the U.N. in the run-up to the climate summit in Paris this December. 463 more words

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