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9 Things I Learned In Athens

1. There’s so much stuff to see: whenever you’re walking to a specific ‘thing’ you end up stumbling across at least three other ‘things’ on the way. 237 more words


Visiting Prague, At Last!

I’ve wanted to go to Prague for longer than I can remember, although I couldn’t have said why that was. Perhaps all travellers to Prague come home transformed into fervent advertising features and I met one of them on a train years ago. 383 more words


Palm Springs, your colors!

Palm Springs could be famous for it hot springs for some people, for others for it parties along festivals’ season, for us it was just a stop in our way to Joshua Tree. 133 more words


Travel Bloggers Share Everything You Need To Know (VIDEO)

Travel Bloggers Sal Rusty, Kaori Cubas, Bianca Parra and Nathaly Guerrero share their experiences and tips in a video containing pretty much everything you need to know before traveling around Europe. 7 more words


Explore The Wonders of Iceland in Just 3 Days

Feeling the need to escape your daily routine? Living in a big city can be quite challenging, as there is always too much going on and so little time. 721 more words


Where The Grass is Green

It’s amazing when the dreams that you held in such high regard turn out to be far less intriguing in reality than had been imagined. 402 more words