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Along the Belgian coast.

Went for a walk along our Belgian coast (Nieuwpoort) with some friends.

While we were waiting for the sunset that was not coming, I took these photos. 47 more words


A Ash(cz this is not your regular grammatical error)

A fire burns the paper

Paper pulped from the tree

Tree chopped into wood

Wood dropped in the fireplace

Warm, cozy grandma stiches and knits… 119 more words

Soul City's failed bid to build a black-run suburbia for America

Civil rights activist Floyd McKissick dreamed of a southern utopia where the racially integrated community would be planned and managed by African Americans. Although the city was never completed, some traces remain


إعادة فتح حرش بيروت: إنجاز أوّل للمجتمع المدني

في 26 أيّار 2016، أعلن محافظ بيروت القاضي زياد شبيب عن فتح حرش بيروت للجميع كافّة أيّام الأسبوع ابتداءًا من تاريخ 6 حزيران 2016 بعد إقفاله لأكثر من عشرين سنة.


Learning something new

No other time like commute for last minute studying.


Sauce Hollandaise ...

Just kidding!
This is the Dutch decoration at my dining corner. The Dutch are yet to come …