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Top 10 Bookish Pet Peeves ❎

Oh, those little things that drive every bookworm crazy! I know we all have them, so I’ve decided to talk about mine a little, because I find this kind of discussions fascinating, God knows why. 1,047 more words


The Crown's Game, by Evelyn Skye 👑

I SO wanted to give this one 5/ 5 stars. I just couldn’t. But keep in mind that I really, really enjoyed it and that it truly is a nice story and that the ending made me cry a little. 884 more words


Mosquitoland, by David Arnold 🚞

Lately, I haven’t really been in the mood for contemporaries. This book hasn’t changed that.


Young Adult/ Contemporary/ Fiction


352 (hardcover)



The Book Gif Tag 💥

Yep, we’re doing another tag. Yep, so soon. Because I love gifs so much and I find them so funny and entertaining and I just couldn’t say “no” when… 190 more words


Pokémon GO Book Tag 🐱

Pokémon GO made quite a stir when it launched globally a few weeks ago. Since then, everyone’s been pretty obsessed with the app. Myself included, not gonna lie, even though I’m just at level 3 ( at least I started with Pikachu, OK? 667 more words


Dacă ne-am citi

Aș sta să te ascult cum îmi citești, să aud cum vocalele fac tumbe prin glasul tău, o poveste despre viață, despre suflet, despre vii și morți și, poate, despre noi. 199 more words

Pentru Suflet

Book-haul 📚

You know that empty feeling you get when you know you won’t be buying books in the near future? And how it fades away when you finally do, sooner than expected? 467 more words