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Life on Mars

It’s now a week since my viva, which flouted all my expectations in every possible way. I could not have prepared myself for so many of the questions I was asked or being so lost for words. 260 more words

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Jess Wardlaw, who have just completed her PhD at the Extreme Citizen Science group has started blogging about her new project which involves imagery of Mars, citizen science and studies of interaction. Her blog can be found at https://thegeographigal.wordpress.com/2015/05/26/life-on-mars/ and the post below.

The Explorer of the World playshop series - 2015

Explorer of the World playshops: seeing the world through a new lens

The Explorer of the World playshop series is part of a set of projects developing tools and methods that enable individuals, regardless of background or geographic location, to (re)build relations with their environment, collaboratively and creatively devising solutions to the real problems they face. 538 more words

DIY Tools And Methodologies

Citizen CyberScience - New Directions and Opportunities for Human Computation

The concept of citizen cyberscience has been described as “…a grass-roots movement which challenges the assumption that only professional can do science. Given the right tools and incentives, and some online training, millions of enthusiastic… 132 more words

Citizen Science

Volunteer computing, engagement and enthusiasm

This post is about perceptions, engagement and the important of ‘participant-observation‘ approach in citizen science research.

It start with a perception about volunteer computing… 689 more words

Citizen Science

From Symmetry: "Physics for the people"


February 19, 2015
Manuel Gnida and Kathryn Jepsen

Citizen scientists dive into particle physics and astrophysics research.

Illustration by Manuel Gnida, SLAC / Images courtesy of… 1,251 more words

Basic Research

Citizens Observatories: Empowering European Society

A citizens observatory is a concept that evolved at EU policy circles, defining the combination of participatory community monitoring, technology and governance structures that are needed to monitor/observe/manage an environmental issue. 3,817 more words


From isgtw: "Volunteer computing: 10 years of supporting CERN through LHC@home"

international science grid this week

December 3, 2014
Andrew Purcell

LHC@home recently celebrated a decade since its launch in 2004. Through its SixTrack project, the LHC@home platform harnesses the power of volunteer computing to model the progress of sub-atomic particles traveling at nearly the speed of light around the… 1,515 more words

Basic Research