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From Symmetry: "Physics for the people"


February 19, 2015
Manuel Gnida and Kathryn Jepsen

Citizen scientists dive into particle physics and astrophysics research.

Illustration by Manuel Gnida, SLAC / Images courtesy of… 1,251 more words

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Citizens Observatories: Empowering European Society

A citizens observatory is a concept that evolved at EU policy circles, defining the combination of participatory community monitoring, technology and governance structures that are needed to monitor/observe/manage an environmental issue. 3,817 more words


From isgtw: "Volunteer computing: 10 years of supporting CERN through LHC@home"

international science grid this week

December 3, 2014
Andrew Purcell

LHC@home recently celebrated a decade since its launch in 2004. Through its SixTrack project, the LHC@home platform harnesses the power of volunteer computing to model the progress of sub-atomic particles traveling at nearly the speed of light around the… 1,515 more words

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What is Science?

When you look at the discussions that are emerging around the term ‘Citizen Science‘, you can often find discussion about the ‘Citizen‘ part of the term.  446 more words


Upscience talk at Oxford's Martin School

About a month ago, Francois Grey put out a suggestion that we should replace the term ‘bottom-up’  science with upscience  – do read his blog-post for a fuller explanation… 392 more words