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How Safe Are Girls In Public Schools?

Someone very close to me shared some disturbing news today.  His Daughter, and only child, was assaulted at school by an older kid.  For whatever reason, she was hit  in the face with a book; She had to leave school with swelling and a black eye.   515 more words

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Wickr Foundation invests in Whistler, an app dedicated to helping activists and citizen reporters

Earlier today at the Oslo Freedom Forum, the Wickr Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to private communication and uncensored information, announced its first investment in a new secure communications and education app for human rights activists and citizen reporters called Whistler. 691 more words


Rise of Citizen Media: Mosireen Case Study

The emergence of the Mosireen Collective as a powerful force for cultural resistance highlights one of the most significant battlegrounds in Egypt’s post-revolutionary media ecology: the war of information and ideas. 788 more words

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On Language...and immigration

Learning a foreign language can bridge social barriers.  With the recent influx of refugees to America from all over the world, we can see, in practice, that this is absolutely true. 304 more words

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Update to my readers

Hello fellow readers, with the dawn of summer it brings better weather, a time to reflect, and a time for college kids to hustle and finish all their work in time… 179 more words

Have smartphone, news will travel

How well aware were the Allied Forces, regarding the Holocaust atrocities? Why couldn’t they do anything to stop it? The questions are countless and the answers lie deeply under multiple channels of historical evidence, wartime political interests and most importantly, witnesses’ confessions. 312 more words

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Professional vs Citizen

This is an exciting time for citizen journalism, with vast capabilities and resources to utilise, audiences need no longer be victim to bias news reports. Professional journalism is considered ethical and polished; whereas, citizen journalism can surface fears of illegitimacy due to a lack of professional training. 137 more words