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Imagine living in a war zone in Syria.  Now imagine living in a war zone where the media is barred from reporting events to the outside world.   367 more words

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President Trump - We're going to end child, human trafficking - #Pizzagate

President Trump, all but says Thanks to PizzaGate investigators and leakers

“We hear Your Pleas” and “we’re going to end child, human trafficking”

Words cannot express my enthusiasm for this meeting.

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Jenny Hatch

How Citizen Journalism is reshaping our view of Aleppo

In the midst of World War II, families in war zones huddled around a radio or newspaper, hoping to hear news of the allies winning or that the war was over.   298 more words

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Leakers beware - Canary Trap just found all the felons

I found this last night on Reddit and was laughing so hard I almost peed the bed.

The original post was deleted, so the link is on archive, but I copied and pasted the text below. 2,000 more words

Jenny Hatch

Citizen Journalism

Through history we humans have always had the curiosity and necessity to ear stories. It doesn’t really matter wether they are real stories or fictional stories, we just need to follow the narrative structure of those stories that remind us of our own lives. 436 more words

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Exercise 2 Citizen Journalism

Choose one example. Write brief commentary of significance.

The impact that 9/11 had on the World Trade Centre in New York City and the other two planes that were hijacked on that fateful day had allowed for a media frenzy that was unprecidented up to this point. 176 more words