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Oh Dear, Clinton's Latest Campaign Surrogate is a: Murder Accomplice, Hard Core Porn Star and Drug Lord Concubine...

This has to be the worst campaign vetting in the history of failed campaign vetting… Or the most horrible exploitation, Clintonian level exploitation, of a very troubled woman…. 696 more words

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Best. Election. Ever. The Clintons CANNOT put this genie back in the bottle... Trump supposed misogyny? bad Clinton rapist? meh Hey Good Morning America, Did you ever have Juanita Broaddrick on your show? Yeah. Didn't think so. Jenny Hatch

Presidential Debate #1

For you elitist boobs out there in the ether high fiving each other about Hillary “winning” the first debate…reality check.

We don’t care, she is still the most corrupt, lying dirtbag to ever seek office in America. 104 more words

Jenny Hatch

Maths? In journalism?

Who would’ve thought that when studying journalism you’d come across the use of terms such as, “statistical analysis” and “regression analysis” and in turn incorporate them in your writing? 434 more words


You talk math, you talk boring, no one really cares what you solving x for. I am pretty sure half of the class in high school who had to solve that x like most of us never really solved that x. 525 more words

Data journalism must fall

During my time on high school, I hated, more so despised maths. I eventually ended up passing it in my matric year and there was a sigh of relief that came with knowing that I will never have to see another maths paper or something similar to it again. 402 more words

New FBI document dump exposes Obama

This video is an excellent mashup of quotes!

Jenny Hatch

Jenny Hatch

So excited to watch the presidential debate on Monday!

We have been invited to a debate party at my friend Deltas house. It should be a kick to watch!

Jenny Hatch

Jenny Hatch