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Making for a Happy Medium

While it should be self-evident that different media allow for different kinds of storytelling and different forms of expression, it’s good to be reminded of this in enjoyable ways in this Age of Adaptation, where so many films, TV series, games are adaptations of material in other media. 875 more words


I was so hungover this morning, it was a-four-potato-cake-day.

J’s Diary Entries for December 1994

Fri 9 Dec – Spoke to Noah, the boss about money today. He’s giving me another $1500 which will take me to $25,500 which is about $400 a week clear. 312 more words


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MDA3200: Auteur Theory

The auteur theory is the idea that the director is the sole author of the film and each film they make represents the auteurs world view. 1,352 more words


Biopics are . . .

. . . all the rage: they feed our desire to know about the private lives of public people, a desire fuelled by new media. 576 more words

Gospel According To St Matthew

Fallout 4: A Postapocalyptic Cornucopia of Human Horror, And Error

The author finds that even in today’s best games, a mistake in narrative can have lasting consequences.

By Harold Goldberg

It was weak. I thought the trope on which Fallout 4’s beginning narrative hung was an uninteresting moment – an extremely important failed moment – in a game that really is compelling, one of the year’s best games. 1,013 more words

The Insight

Psycho and the art of horror with the Toronto Symphony

For Halloween the Toronto Symphony presented their latest film with a live accompaniment, namely Psycho. A film buff might call it “Hitchcock’s Psycho.“ A film-music buff might prefer “Bernard Herrmann’s Psycho” which is closer to how I see it. 864 more words

Music And Musicology