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200. Citizen Kane


The first thing I thought after I finished Citizen Kane was how better I understood all the references in the “Rosebud” episode of The Simpsons. 403 more words

The World Is Depressing Now

I understand that one cannot turn away from real life issues, especially with the current Trump administration seeking to reverse all the things we take for granted (clean air, so-so healthcare, free speech, etc). 475 more words

The Literary Drover No. 2570

I consider SCENE OF A CRIME to be a mystery much in the same way many consider the film CITIZEN KANE to be a mystery.

The Literary Drover

TTYA - Citizen Kane (1941)

Often called the greatest film of all time, as well as the favorite of many great critics, including Roger Ebert, Citizen Kane is THE movie to see if you love movies. 356 more words


Bogle's Yearning

If Laurel & Hardy in THE MUSIC BOX dramatise the sufferings of Sisyphus (that bloke condemned to roll a boulder uphill for eternity), W.C. Fields in IT’S A GIFT is comedy’s premier Tantalus, the chap tied up in the afterlife with food and drink perennially out of reach. 750 more words


Guest Post: The Evolution of Movie Trailers by Tori Galatro #GuestPost #Cinephiles #Movies

Reads & Reels is happy to have Tori Galatro here today! Tori is a freelance writer and fellow cinephile. Welcome Tori!

Today, she will be discussing movie trailers and how they have evolved over the decades. 1,258 more words

Movie - Citizen Kane [REVIEW] - Some Called Him A Hero, Others Called Him A Heel...

IMDB Rating: 8,4/10
Genre: Drama, Mystery
Director: Orson Welles
Writer: Herman J. Mankiewicz
Stars: Orson Welles, Joseph Cotten, Dorothy Comingore

For me, a classic movie is the best quality film of all the movies. 490 more words