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One Beautiful Shot

The film experts call the best film of all time. 

Citizen Kane (1941) 

DP: Gregg Toland

Director: Orson Welles


*NEW VIDEO* Babylon Warchild Feat. Citizen Kane - City Of Dreams

Toronto, ON based 5-man hiphop group Babylon Warchild are heavy into promotion on their upcoming album, The War Journals, and with that comes a new video from the crew. 86 more words

Citizen Kane by Harlan Lebo

Geeky, but in a good way…

:D :D :D :D :D

As a casual and totally unknowledgeable movie watcher, I’ve never appreciated Citizen Kane as much as I feel I should. 1,169 more words

Book Review

Ghostbusters Did Not Ruin My Childhood

Over the weekend, I watched Ghostbusters.

Laughs were had. Ghosts were busted. And my childhood remains intact.

Below you will find some of my thoughts on the movie. 735 more words

It Was The List Of Times: Hitchcock v Welles


Film Club Rule #634: Your taste may not be everyone’s taste, but that doesn’t mean it’s not good taste.

What makes a great film? What makes a film your favorite film?  120 more words


Citizen Kane (1941)

Many movie critics, film organizations, film historians, and movie buffs worldwide name Citizen Kane as the greatest movie ever made. I must concur. It offers nothing short of a search for the meaning of life. 526 more words

Christian Perspective On Film

The Church of Orson Welles

Taken from our third podcast episode, “Mysterious Ways”, here is a recording of an ceremony held by the “Church of Orson Welles”, a group dedicated to preserving the memory and filmic achievements of the cinematic master. 8 more words