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43. Citizen Kane

In The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay, by Michael Chabon, the title characters, cousins making comic books together in 1940s Manhattan, see Citizen Kane… 339 more words



I recently watched two old movies, All the King’s Men and Citizen Kane. The first was released in 1949, the second in 1941. They were old enough to be in black and white, but they were as fresh as yesterday—or today. 304 more words


Cinema - Episode 5: Into the Shadows

Howdy again!

Into the Shadows: 1940-1950



Your HOST steps out of a murky shadow, wearing a trench coat and a wide-brimmed hat. 1,845 more words

Film History

Citizen Kane (1941)

Considered by many as the greatest film of all time – what is all the fuss about with Citizen Kane?

It’s fair to say that the fuss is justified. 639 more words

Citizen Kane

Potential 'Citizen Kane' & 'Cat People' TV Series At Heart Of RKO Lawsuit

In this age of endless reboots, reimaginings and revivals, small-screen versions of Citizen Kane and Cat People might offend purists but could make absolute sense to content-hungry programmers – depending on how a new lawsuit against RKO Pictures gets resolved. 593 more words

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Who cares what critics say anyway?

Uproxx.com had a much-discussed piece recently arguing that critics should not have to watch and review films like Transformers 5, because it’s bad for them to see a film they’re going to hate, dulling their palate, and not much use to anyone else either; as critics constantly carping about unstoppable cinematic behemoths gives the impression of rarified and tiresome elitism. 336 more words

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