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When a film, or anything else, is as universally praised as Boyhood, there tends to be backlash at some point. Part of me wants to spout the popular phrase: “That’s why we can’t have nice things,” but the truth is: No film is perfect, nor beyond criticism. 389 more words


Thursday night at the movies at Huron County Museum

By Diva Claire Carter

HURON COUNTY – The Huron County Museum just launched a new temporary exhibit called Movie Connections.  Artifacts from the collection and archives have been selected based on themes of… 274 more words

Huron County

Film School Bucket List: Citizen Kane

It says something when a person finds the most influential and iconic film ever made to be unimportant and derivative.  I’m not sure, though, what it says.   1,301 more words

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Illustrating Lacan

I’ve been trying to gain some understanding of Lacan.

I’m going to say that again: I’ve been trying to gain some understanding of Lacan. I think this must be the reason why I am now sitting here, starting a blog, instead of finishing my paper. 169 more words


Is the world ready for the next iDOL Street group?

Last night during the Street-sei finale concert, the next iDOL Street group was unveiled. The group’s name is The World Standard (abbreviated as わ→すた or “Wa Suta”) and they will join  855 more words

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