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Be kind, you never know what others are battling.

It took a long time to be able go to this Grocery store. My dad shopped here. It was hard to walk down the isles knowing my dad no longer walked around here. 406 more words

This land is our land...OUR land. As in all our land. Mexicans have their story too


I’m sure this will get some people on a boarder control “come to America the right way” rant. But these are people, just trying to find somewhere they can work, to send money home. 285 more words

Humanitarians in hiding

This is a screenshot from a video that had a very beautiful message. As an experiment a man went around a pizza restaurant asking people if he could have some of their pizza. 322 more words

Depression. Anxiety. You aren't alone.

Feeling depressed, having stress, feeling anxiety from trauma or day-to-day life, can make one feel very isolated. Sometimes we get into our own minds and stay there. 252 more words