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Half a Million Chimp Videos Analysed

Chimp&See reached yet another milestone recently. The project reached 3.5 million classifications and now the volunteers have completely annotated over 500,000 video clips!

This huge effort has helped the science team get through 2,200 hours of footage, annotate all animals and behaviors seen in a video clip, tag to the species level, and identify almost 300 unique chimpanzees (and some leopards) across all sites. 40 more words

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Galaxy Zoo is Back!

Galaxy Zoo is back! We have a brand new site at www.galaxyzoo.org and new images of galaxies, which have never been seen before. These galaxies come from a large telescope in Chile, and so the images reveal finer structure and fainter details than in the original project. 93 more words

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British Science Week Challenge - The Plastic Tide

This year for British Science Week we are helping out The Plastic Tide by getting them over 1 million classifications by the end of Sunday 19th March! 37 more words

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Learning from the Arava Long-Term Socio-Ecological Research workshop

The Eilot region, near Eilat in Israel, is considered locally as a remote part of the Negev desert in Israel (it is about 3.5h drive from the population centres of Tel Aviv). 1,328 more words

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A beach walkers guide to identification of whales, dolphins & porpoises | Cetacean Strandings Investigation Programme

When a call comes in to the Cetacean Strandings Investigation Programme (CSIP) hotline, the details of a stranding can often be minimal and somewhat vague. An animal may be highly decomposed, inaccessible or lack features for it to be identified. 1,002 more words

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Zooniverse volunteer discovers 'white lies' are 200 years older than previously thought

Ever told a ‘white lie’? Well you’re in company. Maybe not good company, but lots of it, and going back further in time than you might think. 159 more words

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Participatory soundscape sensing - joint paper with Dr Chunming Li

One of the lovely aspects of scientific research is its international dimension – the opportunity to collaborate with people from different places, cultures, and necessarily practices and points of view. 409 more words

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