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John Lewis: Trump's Presidency Is Illegitimate. Here is the Argument

   Ok, lets have everyone with evidence that Trump committed election fraud enter it in the comments to this website. We already know about the intimidation of Meghan Kelly, and we saw what James Comey did leading up to the election, when Trump was behind some eight or ten points in the polls, then suddenly pulled almost even. 1,490 more words


Anything Incredible is Fair Game

   Everyone knows that all “conspiracy theories” are false, right? Then any conspiracy can perpetrated, and has a very great head start.

   For example, because setting my ex-fiance on me was so unbelievable, “they” were free to do it, and they knew no one would ever look into it. 2,032 more words


Citizen's arrest: should you do it???

Three Louisiana brothers make a citizen’s arrest in Tampa for being sold fake National Championship tickets. 

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My favorite part of this article is that the brothers held this con-artist with an empty coke bottle until the police arrived. 276 more words


Vigilante Justice

What ever happened to the “good ol’ days” of citizen justice?

Historic Integrity

I’m talking back to Jack Ruby. The guy was an American hero. He wasn’t about to sit back and let some douche… 223 more words

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Citizen's Arrest of Donald Trump

   I wish, then, to declare the arrest of Donald Trump for election fraud, here in writing now. I Do not know which agency to contact, but will do that within the next day. 231 more words


Citizen's Arrest of Donald Trump

   I am considering making a citizens arrest of Donald Trump for Treason and election fraud. I believe that I have seen that someone told him no one could detect the Russian method of interference. 286 more words


Theft victim takes selfie with suspect

A Vernon man is facing theft charges after allegedly being caught red-handed with the stolen goods.

Kevin Barkhouse’s truck was broken into while parked on L & A Road in Vernon sometime between Sunday night and Monday morning. 283 more words