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'Armed and dangerous' Alberta man 'apprehended by local citizens'

Police in northern Alberta said a man wanted on over 30 charges, previously described as “armed and dangerous,” has been arrested after he was “apprehended by local citizens” in the northwest part of the province. 370 more words


Edmonton theatre washroom incident results in child porn charges

WARNING: This story contains disturbing content.

A man is facing child pornography charges after an incident in the men’s washroom at West Edmonton Mall’s Scotiabank Theatre Sunday. 606 more words


Good Samaritan Fatally Shot Trying To Save Texas Woman From Gunman

A 35-year-old former Marine was killed Monday as he attempted to make a citizen’s arrest on a young soldier who shot and wounded his wife outside a Dallas Walgreens. 216 more words


High-stakes citizen's arrest of armed man in Toronto caught on video

A dramatic video of a citizen’s arrest shows a man desperately trying to disarm a suspect wielding a loaded handgun in Toronto’s west end.

In footage posted to YouTube two men are seen grabbing the suspect early Tuesday morning on the sidewalk before they spill onto Bloor Street near Lansdowne Avenue as a pair of police officers arrive. 312 more words


Yellow Alert, Yellow Alert, in the voice that Goober would say to Barnie "citizens arrest." - YouTube

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The theater is on fire (us economy), so we advise silver stackers to move to the back of the room. We predict that in the next two months that you will want to put one foot out the back door.

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Citizen's Arrest

“I’m holding you until the police arrive – this is a citizen’s arrest!””

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“Bring Back the Citizens Arrest” Club

I live right near the George Washington Bridge, so when walking my daughter to school, we encounter three seasoned crossing guards. Today I noticed a driver performing a dangerous and illegal move, jeopardizing other cars and pedestrians. 386 more words