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C is for Citizen's Arrest

C is for Citizen’s Arrest. The “Colossus” LP…awesome hardcore punk from New York. They were born in the early 90’s, I’m going to say similar to the more functional and catchy Born Against material? 141 more words

Record Collection

วัยรุ่นสาวไล่จับคนร้ายจนอยู่หมัด หลังจากงัดเข้าบ้านขโมยของ

10 มิ.ย. 2017 สาววัยรุ่นในนครเพิร์ทได้วิ่งไล่ตามจับคนร้ายผู้บุกรุกเข้าบ้านยามวิกาล สามารถจับชายอกสามศอกกดกับพื้นรอจนกว่าตำรวจจะตามมาจับกุมเข้าซังเต


Saudi War General Accused Of War Crimes

‘War criminal should be investigated not welcomed’ – Activist tries to arrest Saudi General – A Saudi military spokesperson has reacted angrily to a rather rough reception he received in London, earlier. 20 more words

World At War

Serve And Protect

So Netherlands DeathFest last weekend was quite a good few days away. I saw some very good bands and the exceptional Demolition Hammer were the band of the festival. 427 more words


John Lewis: Trump's Presidency Is Illegitimate. Here is the Argument

   Ok, lets have everyone with evidence that Trump committed election fraud enter it in the comments to this website. We already know about the intimidation of Meghan Kelly, and we saw what James Comey did leading up to the election, when Trump was behind some eight or ten points in the polls, then suddenly pulled almost even. 1,490 more words