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Legislative History of INA § 301(g) Proves Mark Levin WRONG About Ted Cruz

Legislative History of INA § 301(g)

The Citizenship of Ted Cruz Tied to Women’s Rights Movement

The following shall be nationals and citizens of the United States at birth: 1,784 more words


Important Update:

In his comment section at http://puzo1.blogspot.com/, Mario Apuzzo reveals what I expected, that even though Madison won an argument that Mr. Smith was a citizen based on ‘place of birth’ principles, Madison followed the 1790 Act passed 10-months later requiring a U.S.

1,745 more words

Undocumented Former Filipino Actor Wins At-birth Citizenship

“Mr. Villar joins a very small set of Filipinos who have successfully overcome the burden of proving that despite being born outside the United States and out-of-wedlock they are also American citizens.” In an inspiring… 60 more words


Citizenship by birth

Citizenship by birth is the new hot topic for the anti-immigration crowd, also the term birth tourism.

Birth tourism is the concept that foreigners come here just for the purpose of having a baby and later on that child could claim the parents to begin the process of residency. 742 more words