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London Citizens’ Mayoral Assembly: 28th April 2016.

Is it inevitable that politicians are held in low regard and that political debate is reduced to personalities or fleeting soundbites? Is there an alternative to disengagement and cynicism? 1,074 more words


Our Projects

Here is what we have been up to lately.


Hibernation and Migration

During our Citizenship lessons we discussed what happens during the colder months when animals look for shelter in warmer places.  114 more words

C.E. - Junior 3

Dear Parents,

As your children might have told you during C.E. lessons we are discussing ‘The Weather’. We have discussed :The Seasons, Measuring Temperature, Climate, Hibernation, Migration, Severe Weather and now Clothing. 128 more words

Holly Webb's visit

Dear Parents and Students,

Here are some photos of Holly Webb’s visit to school.  All students were excited to meet the author and listened carefully to all she had to tell them.   7 more words

Parents' Day

Dear Parents,

May I remind you that Monday 7th March and Tuesday 8th March are Parents’ Days at school.  You are invited to have a chat with the teachers of your children between 8:00am and 1:00pm. 20 more words

Outing Jr 3's - 19th February

Dear Parents,

Tomorrow we have an outing to the Smoochie Factory.  Students should bring the books of the first three lessons, a lunch and drink in a bag and a separate, small bag with a pencil case and colours to take with them to the outing. 6 more words

Junior 3