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True Blue Through and Through...?

Tough new citizenship hurdles recently announced by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, has raised the question – what does it mean to be “truly Australian”.

The new measures announced in April, would see immigrants facing a four year waiting period as permanent residents before being eligible to apply for citizenship, instead of the current one year wait, along with a tougher English language test involving “reading, writing, and listening components”, according to the Prime Minister. 509 more words

Commentary: Competition for benefits of second citizenship is global | Caribbean News Now

Rationalization of Caribbean citizenship investment programs by pointing to comparable programs among developed countries. These programs will always be at risk for abuse and minimal benefits: 561 more words


The Benefits of Citizenship in Nicaragua for High-Net-Worth Individuals

Nicaragua must have one of the cheapest programs – USD 100,000:

Are you a high-net-worth individual that travels internationally? Are you frustrated by lack of access to countries on your current passport?

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Foreigner with a Taiwan ID

Here in expat haven Taiwan, where residence is easy but citizenship hard, it’s a dream of many long-term foreign residents to become legally Taiwanese, without having to first renounce their original nationality. 970 more words

Words Unspoken

Yesterday, as I was waiting on customers, a woman in a hijab came through my line. I asked her to wait a moment so I could finish up with my current customer. 455 more words

The Born-Again Identity

Nura* feels like she is reborn, she can’t stop smiling. Her face is hurting but she doesn’t care because today was exceptionnal. She’s trying to look like nothing happened but she’s radiating happiness. 248 more words