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Best Foot Forward

Hey hey gals, I’m back!!!!!!! I’ve been gone far too long. You’ve missed so much. I have to catch you up. Since I’ve been gone I’ve received my citizenship. 424 more words

Swiss to revoke citizenship of dual-national jihadists - SWI swissinfo.ch

The criteria range from relatively specific to extremely broad. The one about “insulting” another state is particularly egregious as well as the lack of due process: 333 more words


Number of Americans Renouncing their Citizenship Near Record Highs

A total of 508 Americans renounced their citizenship in the second quarter of the year, according to information published by the Internal Revenue Service, putting the country on track to lose at least the second highest number of citizens on record. 141 more words


Why applying for citizenship is an anxiety filled process – and not just for applicants

I think Anne-Marie Fortier takes the arguments too far: some degree of language fluency and knowledge of the country is required, and the question is more how best to do so in a manner that is reasonable, fair and transparent. 1,156 more words


Post-Referendum Racism

Following the EU referendum, there were claims of a sudden surge in racist incidents. Remain campaigners made the inevitable claim that this surge was due to the Leave campaign, as if it had magically caused decent people to transform into racists. 1,057 more words


ARTICLE: Semley on "To Live and Die, Free and French"


Lorelle D. Semley, “To Live and Die, Free and French Toussaint Louverture’s 1801 Constitution and the Original Challenge of Black Citizenship.” Radical History Review 2013, no. 186 more words

we live in the best country in the world

Our country requires a new dedication to itself from all of its citizens. We need to ask ourselves what kind of country we want to live in and then each of us proactively make decisions and take actions that get us there. 121 more words