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Digital Citizenship

#8 – Digital Citizenship

There are Nine Elements of Digital Citizenship, many people have become familiar with term like Cyber Bullying, Netiquette, Identity Theft and more, however there is one element that is extremely important and until recently not discussed much. 484 more words


Marginalisation, Inclusion and Research: Academic Challenges?

By Dr Jennifer Sloan Senior Lecturer in Criminology at Sheffield Hallam University

As a feminist academic, my work often imbues my teaching and research practices with a firm sense of responsibility. 729 more words


Parliament project

Sheffield United have been visiting Y5 for three weeks.  Y5 have been taking part in the Parliament Project which enables the children to find out about parliament and democracy in England. 175 more words


More federal action needed to restore lost Canadian citizenship rights: Rock and Axworthy

Former Ministers Alan Rock and Lloyd Axworthy argue in favour of the proposed expansion of voting rights for non-resident Canadians in Bill C-33 and repeal of the first generation limit to the transmission of  Canadian citizenship. 891 more words


'Kick in the teeth' for EU nationals in the UK

As negotiations for the UK’s exit from the EU are set to begin, thousands of EU nationals are contemplating an uncertain future for their right to remain in the country. 13 more words


How To: Navigate Policy (Discussions)

It’s true: the nitty gritty of the policies and programs that impact our lives are complicated as all get out. It’s a lot like trying to explain the mechanics of an entire house – plumbing, HVAC, heating, electricity, construction, foundation. 955 more words

Citizenship 101

Fewer Canadians being refused entry at U.S. land border

Always important to have the numbers and data to inform discussion and debate, both the numbers of refusals as well as overall numbers of people crossing the border: 337 more words