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Criminal Immigration: Did You Take An Immigration Safe Plea?

If you are an undocumented immigrant who has been arrested on criminal charges, you face two serious legal problems. First, you could be convicted of the crime and sentenced to jail or prison; and second, you could also be deported, whether you are convicted or found not guilty of the underlying criminal charge. 709 more words

Abogado De Inmigracion

This election will be won on citizenship issues. To our shame - Gilmore

Scott Gilmore on the identity politics of citizenship and the niqab:

You can be sure that Immigration Minister Chris Alexander does not actually think a new tip line is an effective safeguard to prevent honour killings.

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The Sons of Russian Spies Want Their Canadian Citizenship Back | Time

Interesting case and curious to see how the court rules:

The sons of two Russian spies are insisting that the Canadian government has wrongfully stripped them of their Canadian citizenships after their parents’ true identities were discovered and the family was deported to Russia.

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Lima: World Bank / IMF Civil Society Session

For Better Accountability and Inclusiveness of the Bretton Woods Institutions: A Role for Civil Society

Sponsor: Group of Lecce

Panelists: Susanna Cafaro (The Group of Lecce); Sargon Nissan (Bretton Woods Project); Joseph Robertson (Citizens Climate Lobby); Moderator: Domenico Lombardi (Centre for International Governance Innovation); 83 more words

Human Scale Economics

Grassroots Awareness for the F.A.C.E Act

Generating awareness for the Foreign Adopted Children Equality Act happened because the week started off feeling run down. It could be the full schedule of 5 classes, an internship, and the day job. 529 more words


Nenshi disappointed niqab issue a 'flashpoint' in federal election campaign

CALGARY – Calgary’s mayor has toned down his criticism of the Conservative government for its handling of the niqab issue.

Naheed Nenshi ripped the Conservative’s position as politically motivated and “dangerous” in an interview last week and then got into a war of words on the issue with Defence Minister Jason Kenney. 210 more words