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Laws made worse for Singaporeans – Part One

(Source: www.theonlinecitizen.com)

by Teo Soh Lung

Singapore was a British colony more than half a century ago. Britain has given us and the rest of the Commonwealth a legal system which to a large extent is commendable. 605 more words

Current Affairs

Welcome to a bi-cultural Aotearoa!

Two weeks ago my family and I became New Zealand citizens.  We came here 10 years ago this coming January from the UK. Why did we choose New Zealand over any other country? 1,251 more words


Cost of British citizenship for children is now 22 times more expensive than Germany | The Independent

I had not done the comparison of fees for children so the data in this article is revealing. The last time I checked, UK was also the most expensive for adults: 555 more words


Lenses Through Which to See the World

To lay some groundwork for my blog, I want to explain some of my beliefs. To start, I want to discuss worldviews.

Everyone has a worldview. 552 more words


My Irish Citizenship.

It’s two years today since I got my Irish citizenship, through Naturalisation. At the time, I have been living in Ireland almost 8 years and already felt like citizen of Green Isle, in fact, I felt like one, since the day I  stepped my foot on this land,  I knew- I belong here. 596 more words