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Switzerland: Do strict citizenship laws help or hurt integration? - swissinfo.ch

On how Switzerland makes it particularly hard to participate and integrate:

Since permit and citizenship laws have become tied to social aid money, both Müller and Chukwunyere have worked with people who try to avoid taking such payments because they know the consequences.

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It was natural when writing to believers who were situated in the capital city of the Roman Empire that Paul should provide practical instruction with regard to the relationships between Christians and the State. 731 more words

New Testament

Forcing Equity

We like the idea of a level playing field, even though we know that it is rarely practical or even desirable.  Whose job is it to enforce equity in the workplace?   646 more words


Angela Merkel faces party row over calls to scrap dual citizenship for children of immigrants 

Tough balancing act in overall European political context:

Angela Merkel was plunged into a new row over immigration on Wednesday when delegates at her party conference voted to end dual citizenship for the children of immigrants.

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Two conflicting reports in the media today with the West Australian reporting the City of Fremantle missed the deadline to announce a date for the January citizenship ceremony, while the Fremantle Herald reports it will be held on January 26 at the Town hall, after the Federal Assistant Minister for Immigration Alex Hawke refused Fremantle to hold it on any other day in January, not even on Sunday the 29th during the Fremantle Arts Centre courtyard music session. 73 more words

Western Australia

EAD Extensions

A common pitfall for Employment Authorization Document Card is that

The Employee applies.
The Citizenship and Immigration Service takes a long time to adjudicate the application… 26 more words

Evolving Standards of Dual Citizenship: Peter Spiro - Lawfare

Good long review of Peter Spiro’s book on dual citizenship:

In At Home in Two Countries, Peter Spiro provides a detailed account of the largely untold history of dual citizenship in the United States.

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