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Baseball as America?

What happens if we placed Minnie Miñoso and his story story at the center of our understanding of baseball? How would centering Miñoso’s change the mythology surrounding baseball? 26 more words


Canadian citizenship grant upheld for immigrant doctor doing medical training in U.S.

TORONTO – An immigrant doctor doing medical training in the United States can keep his Canadian citizenship even though he had spent far fewer days in Canada than normally required to become a citizen, Federal Court has ruled. 475 more words


Reject Hate, Every Time

The gift. It is an area of inquiry in deconstructionist postmodern philosophy, that connects to all the human aspirations we might classify as altruistic. The true gift asks nothing in return, not even recognition. 1,151 more words



God has made it so that our identity is that we are truly loved children of God. He has changed our nature from true sinners into truly forgiven and made truly righteous. 2,070 more words

Bible Teaching

Globe editorial: Ottawa should stop politicizing the citizenship guide

If only …

But even a neutral body would have a challenge drafting a text that would be viewed as neutral by all:

Immigrants who want to become citizens of Canada have to pass a test demonstrating a basic knowledge of this country.

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The Citizenship Clusterf**k

What do you do when fair dinkum ain’t all that dinkum anymore? When your barbie’s shrimp less and your Barnaby’s a kiwi, does the word Australia even  1,270 more words


New Passport Has Arrived!

It was a big relief to find this in the letter box. I am going to Europe in September. It was less than seven weeks left to my holiday when I sent out my passport application. 894 more words