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Federal government passes law to end ‘second-class citizenship’

My take (and familiar refrain on fees):

Andrew Griffith, retired director general of the Immigration Department, said the changes are long overdue and should have been passed last year if the opposition parties had not dragged the debate on.

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U.S. Can’t Revoke Citizenship Over Minor Falsehoods, Supreme Court Rules - The New York Times

Same logic would apply in Canadian cases of misrepresentation, whether it was material or not:

The justices unanimously rejected the government’s position that it could revoke the citizenship of Americans who made even trivial misstatements in their naturalization proceedings.

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Supreme Court Decision:  #Immigration Update

#Immigration #News The Supreme Court on Thursday vacated lower courts’ decision to denaturalize a U.S. citizen because she made a false statement to an immigration official. 35 more words


Supreme Court narrows grounds for revoking citizenship of naturalized citizens

The Supreme Court on Thursday narrowed the grounds on which naturalized citizens can have their citizenship revoked.

The case concerned Divna Maslenjak, a naturalized citizen who was deported after lying on her naturalization application. 606 more words


What's Happening with the Citizenship Bill?

Labor has opposed the citizenship bill in objection to the requirement for citizens to meet a competent English proficiency level. This means that this issue will move on to the Senate crossbench, and it is reported that the Bill is likely to receive support to move forward. 273 more words


What I said to The Committee

I am  British person living in the UK and an internationalist.

My petition is for the citizens of all 28 member states. My aim is to identify the best possible process for citizens when any member state leaves the European Union.  774 more words


But For Real, Ukraine?!

This is the top question that we get from everyone who has been a part of our baby-making adventure, and so here is a thorough explanation of why we ended up choosing Ukraine for surrogacy. 1,014 more words