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Reader Letter: Khadr settlement was right, but citizenship laws need changing

Re: Trudeau’s ‘kumbaya’ Canada offends many, opinion column by Gord Henderson, July 15.

I believe that the Omar Khadr settlement was right. Fighting this case in court would have cost Canadians a great deal more than $10.5 million and ultimately, the case would have likely been ruled in Khadr’s favour. 323 more words


Editorial. On individualism

Editorial. On individualism

Joaquina Pires-O’Brien

I had two reasons to choose individualism as a theme for the current issue of PortVitoria. The first is the disturbing revelations of ‘Operação Lava Jato’ (Operation Car Wash) in Brazil, namely the denial of many of the accused, that the benefits in kind received amounted to bribes. 777 more words


Canadians: Spreading Love and Knowledge Across Social Media

Canadian Hashtags
Rahman Mohamed

In their sesquicentennial Canucks are working to show the world what they are.  As a multicultural society Canadians are diverse.  Although there are persons of different backgrounds and heritages they acknowledge a common identity: Canadian.   1,255 more words


How to Get Involved in Your Community (Other Than Volunteering or Donating)

“Get involved in your community.”

I feel like this is a common phrase in American culture. Whether we’ve heard it at school, from a friend, from a religious leader, or even in a public service announcement, this idea of involvement seems ever present in our culture. 1,369 more words

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Iranian Lawmakers Aim To Scrap Discriminatory Citizenship Law

To watch:

A group of Iranian lawmakers are looking to scrap a longstanding law that denies citizenship and equal rights to Iranian children born to foreign fathers.

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Greens resignations show a need to change dual citizenship requirements

The Greens have lost their two co-deputy leaders, Scott Ludlam and Larissa Waters, in a matter of days.
AAP/Mick Tsikas

Lorraine Finlay, Murdoch University… 823 more words


Why Should I Care? - 4: Politics (and voting!)

All around the world, everyone constantly vocalises discontent with their Government (and many times, rightfully!), however, the percentage of people who don’t vote is still massive. 1,121 more words