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Assassins, lords of the rings, taxpayers: three's a crowd

It’s not too surprising that on Women’s Equality Day, BBC featured a Filipino woman assassin for the Philippine Government’s war on drugs. The concept of woman as killer clearly is antithesis to the more widely held image of women as peacemakers and nurturers. 538 more words


To Colin

Yes, you have the right to sit,

during the National Anthem.

Yes, you have the right to speak,

against the darkness of racism,

that still infects our people. 100 more words

#DigiLitSunday First Days Part 1

Beginnings, Part 1

Teachers and students are in a moment now between worlds, between the summer of exploration on our own and autumn of investigation in school. 1,959 more words


Qatar's recruited athletes stir debate on citizenship

Common situation to all Gulf states, save perhaps the athlete example:

When 39 athletes from Qatar qualified for the Rio Olympics, the most in the tiny Gulf state’s history, Noor al-Shalaby celebrated the achievement in a Facebook post.

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Universal Suffrage–Now That Would be Something to Celebrate! Thoughts on the 19th Amendment and “Women’s Equality Day”

It happened again in this summer of woman suffrage: someone emailed me to ask, “Did either Susan B. Anthony or Elizabeth Cady Stanton write the 19th Amendment?” There are two possible answers to this query: first, “What’s to write?” and second, “Oh, they imagined something grander than the change American men made to the Constitution in 1920.” This birthday of the woman suffrage amendment presents an opportunity to examine its limitations and plan how to revive the early suffragists’ dream of universal suffrage, based on citizenship and protected by the federal government. 1,427 more words


Citizenship for a changing global climate: Learning from New Zealand and Norway

by Jake Kessler

Two professors at the University of Canterbury teamed up with a professor from the University of Oslo to investigate young persons’ attitudes towards citizenship in Norway and New Zealand. 497 more words

Climate Change

Conflicting loyalties? Germany debates dual citizenship 

Good report on some aspects of the debate:

Germany’s debate on dual citizenship seems to be at odds with its inclusive approach to refugees – and its economic success story.

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