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I wonder ... what is the big deal with peculiar identity cards?

I was reading my usual papers today when I came across a very interesting news article. The article was about an identity card that had a weird name along with a picture of the person. 320 more words


A Soft Tyranny in Mind

A friend called from Boston. She recently completed a round of cancer treatment, successfully. She no longer goes to the hospital for a daily dose of radiation. 1,316 more words


Citizenship around the World

As we continue thinking about immigration and citizenship in this new year, we thought you might like some resources about citizenship and naturalization around the world. 242 more words

Canadian citizenship must be a constitutional right: Chapman misses the mark

While I have a great deal of respect for Don Chapman and other advocates who successfully pushed the previous government to address the issue of “lost Canadians” in C-37 (2009) and C-24 (2014), I find his latest op-ed misses the mark, arguing for opening up the constitution to add citizenship as a right in the Constitution. 582 more words


Arjun Appadurai | Aspirational Maps.

/photo © Patrick Willocq, Save The Children/

This article, written by Arjun Appadurai, and published last year in Eurozine, is a must-read when it comes to migrant narratives and (future)citizenship. 3,260 more words

Art Of Resistance

George R. Murrain's journey.

On 30 July 1928, Presbyterian minister A.H. George conducted the marriage ceremony of George R. Murrain, 25, of New York, son of George R. and Elizabeth Murrain, and… 687 more words

City Of Wilson



Gold and White Antique Porcelain:

I do not come from a place of wealth. Don’t get me wrong, my life hasn’t been a slum, but I’ve only rarely known the comfort of not thinking about money. 1,963 more words