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Citrix Cloud Connector & Local Host Cache

Following on from previous article Citrix Cloud – Cloud Connector in-depth review(including Local Host Cache). which touched on LHC i have been keen to test this functionality as it has been a big concern for enterprises who raised the question around “ 1,148 more words


Citrix Cloud Connector - Firewall Considerations (including BYO Storefront & Netscaler)

After being involved in a number of citrix cloud deployments a question has continuously popped up around firewall requirement for the cloud connector.

Reviewing the “ 352 more words


Citrix Cloud: Where should I put my Access layer?

The access layer of your deployment relates to your StoreFront infrastructure, and NetScaler Gateway for Internal and Remote access respectively. These components facilitate access to Citrix resources in your environment. 1,859 more words


Citrix Cloud - Cloud Connector in-depth review(including Local Host Cache).

To give an overview of where the cloud connector sits in the context of the overall citrix cloud solution the following lists the components involved in both citrix cloud and resource location:- 1,422 more words


Local Host Cache for Citrix Cloud

One of the best practices I talk about often is “You will fail“.

I know, not a very positive message, but it is the truth… You will fail. 310 more words


Citrix Cloud - Customise Published Application/Desktop Icons using powershell

The following article cover the steps required to change the default application icon assignment in Citrix Studio when use Citrix Cloud.  As with anything Citrix Cloud there are some slight changes compared to a traditional non-cloud deployment. 298 more words


Nutanix InstantON For Citrix Cloud

The latest release of Nutanix AOS 5.5 supports out-of-the-box integration with Citrix Cloud and allows businesses to spin up a fully functional hybrid Citrix Cloud solution for XenApp and XenDesktop service environment within a couple of hours. 896 more words