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[Powershell] Citrix XenApp Monitoring Script ver. 2.1

I got few questions regarding my Citrix XenApp monitoring script written in Powershell. I’ve decided to share with you it’s second better and improved version which has additional conditions on checking if really Citrix ICA connections was launched properly and your Citrix application is available for interaction with user. 3,000 more words


LoginVSI "VSISetup has stopped working"

One of the real challenges of testing a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is getting enough users to logon to the system to test it at the same time.   309 more words


File type association kills pdf view functionality in Internet Explorer 11

Expected behavior when hovering over a pdf file in IE11 is that the PDF is shown without a click. But in our environment, when previewing a Adobe Acrobat file in IE 11 on server 2012 r2, we got the following screen. 88 more words


How to get rid of Personalize and screen resolution in the context menu when you right click the desktop

The powershell script in this article will delete personalize and screen resolution on the context menu(right mouseclick on desktop). this is usefull for VDI or RDS environments. 42 more words


Video Proof: Optimizing Microsoft Lync on XenApp and XenDesktop

I spent the last few blogs, dissecting Microsoft Outlook and how we can integrate an Exchange Online server, as part of Office 365, with XenApp and XenDesktop. 244 more words


Oracle Started Supporting Virtualized Platforms For Siebel (But Silently)

In the past days I have been visiting a couple of my customers together with our product marketing lead for Siebel Open UI. A great opportunity and time to discuss lots of top-of-mind topics ;-) 245 more words

Auto logoff from Windows when Citrix session closes

This VB script will monitor the users processes on a Windows 78 PC and log the user off when the current Citrix session is closed. 89 more words