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Symbolic Links with ShareFile Sync

Alright; so, this is pretty cool. A few months ago, Citrix ShareFile (somewhat silently) released support for symbolic links with its Sync for Windows client. 3,428 more words


How To Adjust Citrix License Server Name On A XenApp six Server

HOWEVER РI also figured out that sometimes the servers did not comply to that policy throughout a reboot Рsee my report on that problem here So to make certain it constantly points to the appropriate license server I would suggest also altering the following registry settings with the appropriate server name for the license server. 2,127 more words

ShareFile and Your Firewall

Over the past few weeks, both my colleagues and I have been getting a number of requests for information around whitelisting Citrix ShareFile in a customer environment. 1,174 more words


WEM Client Side Tools

This post aims to provide some insight into the available tools to help with troubleshooting Citrix Workspace Environment Management and making the most of some cool features available that are semi hidden or not yet advertised heavily… 999 more words


Application Deployment: Citrix Receiver

Deploying the Citrix Receiver has been an ongoing challenge; if you deploy it while the user is logged in chances are you’ll kill a VDI or published app that is running and disrupt the user. 199 more words


Data comparison of NVIDIA GRID Tesla P4 and P40

For my book about NVIDIA GRID I created a Data comparison table of the two graphics cards P4 and P40. From my point of view the P4 is a real underestimated card. 336 more words


Machine Creation Services & Azure -Understanding the configuration/disks and costs involved!

During recent work with the cost calculator covered in this article Deep dive into Citrix Cost Calculator for Azure i wanted to understand all possible azure costs incurred (of which the below appears not to be included). 1,283 more words