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Citrix streamlines partner programme incentives

Citrix has announced an overhaul of its existing channel programme and introduced Citrix Ultimate Rewards. The programme is designed to make Citrix a better partner by simplifying the process and streamlining the incentives. 9 more words

Supercharging the Netscaler Gateway

In a recent project I was heavily involved in and lead the design of, the end state was the use of the Netscaler Unified Gateway to provide access capabilities to enterprise resources. 959 more words


WMI provider service issues in your citrix environment?

From time to time might encounter issues relating to your WMI provider service. This service interacts directly with the SCCM client so is an important one as would affect in a lot of cases to patch your systems. 44 more words


Deploying Citrix Receiver through SCCM and enabling SSON

Hi Guys ,

We are deploying Citrix Receiver through SCCM and we will enable Single sign on so that user does not have to enter the credentials to connect to Citrix Store front . 1,402 more words


Citrix Cloud - Active Directory Forest/Domains Considerations

Continuing on my Citrix Cloud focused series of blog, in this article i have concentrated on  Active Directory Forest/Domains consideration when deploying citrix cloud. As the Citrix cloud connector performs AD management , allowing allowing the use of AD forests and domains within your Resource Locations it is important to understand where the cloud connectors need to placed from a active directory point of view. 911 more words


Enable XenServer Live Migration for VMs with a NVIDIA vGPU

When you install NVIDIA Grid 6.0 on a XenServer you need to manually activate the possibility to Live-Migrate a VM which is using a (v)GPU. Otherwise, you see the following message when you try to migrate a VM: 151 more words


Changing/Checking Citrix StoreFront Logging Settings

Enabling, capturing and diagnosing StoreFront logs is not something I have to do often but when I do, I found it was time consuming to enable, and disable, logging across multiple StoreFront servers and also to check on the status of logging since Citrix provide cmdlets to change tracing levels but not to query them as far as I can tell. 502 more words