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Netscaler CLI Quick Wins

My last post focused on adding NetScaler Gateway Policies from the CLI.


Here are some more quick CLI commands to help shell out the foundation of a netscaler build before even touching the GUI, giving you more time to configure more advanced features, and or troubleshoot any issues on a deployment.  310 more words


Monitoring NVIDIA vGPU for Citrix XenServer including with XenCenter

I had some fun at NVIDIA GTC 2016 taking part in a hands-on lab run by the SA (Solution Architecture) organisation of which I am a part. 1,971 more words


EPPlus, Great Library to work with Excel in Dot Net

EPPlus is an open source .NET library. It is so good when you want to read and write Excel files (2007/2010), it makes life easy in a fast paced development requirement. 494 more words


XenApp 6x - Export Application list with Published Servers

Add-PSSnapin *citrix*
Get-XAApplicationReport *  | Select BrowserName, {($_.ServerNames | Sort) -join ", "} | Export-csv c:\tmp\XA65-AppReport.csv

Making report more pretty:
open csv with excel and perform replace CTRL + H, Find “, ” Replace with hold the ALT key down and then press 010 on the number pad. 6 more words


How to quickly verify your failover partner is configured in your Xenapp 7.x environment

If running an enterprise wide xenapp environment most likely will have mirroring setup at the time of install, if you do need to verify failover partner has been configured (should be but more so for piece of mind). 34 more words


Quick Netscaler Gateway Session policies from the CLI

Something that can get tiresome going from site to site, is creating ICA session policies from the GUI and binding them to the Access Gateway vServer. 144 more words


Export Icons from XenApp 6x

Add-PSSnapin *Citrix*
Get-XAApplication | % {
$BrowserName = $_.BrowserName;
$icon = Get-XAApplicationIcon -BrowserName $BrowserName
$bytes = ::FromBase64String($icon.EncodedIconData)
Add-Content -Encoding Byte -Value $bytes -Path "c:\tmp\$($BrowserName).ico"