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Citrus Tree Care - Copper Sulphate

With the citrus trees afflicted with a fair degree of moss, lichen crustaceans, and general leaf decay, the best treatment by far is to spray with Bordo Bulamaci (that’s the Turkish name). 272 more words


Citrus Tree Care - Shoot Pruning

Pruning of the citrus trees is really only necessary every three years, when you can end up cutting large branches to bring light into the centre of the canopy. 239 more words


Trees in Need of Some TLC

As posted a while ago, the citrus trees have had a tough year, with a long hot dry summer that went on longer than usual through autumn, relentless rain over late autumn and early winter, and then freezing temperatures far lower and more prolonged than we’d normally see here…. 151 more words


Cod Fillets in Parchment Paper with Asparagus, Citrus Fruit and Oregano

Brilliant idea! It is one of the cleanest way to make fish, possibly one of the easiest as well.
This allows individual customization. Say one of the dinner guests has an aversion towards fishy fish such as salmon. 13 more words

The Year of the Sheep

This year, according to the Chinese almaac is the Year of the Sheep. Some refer to it as the Year of the Ram or the Year of the Goat. 682 more words


Citrus Puffs

It’s that time of year. When food blogs burst at the seams with recipes using all manner of citrus, especially Meyer lemons. I have my own uses for them (check out this wicked… 456 more words


Vitamin C is Important, Why not Make Your Own?

Vitamin C is Important, Why not Make Your Own?

By Joan McDaniel         February 15, 2015

Getting Back to Work

It is about time that I begin to put up some articles.  1,227 more words