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Give your food luscious, low-sugar, tropical fruit flavor with The Royal Gourmet

As Americans, we’re supremely blessed with our food resources, especially with the bounty provided by Florida. We have access to what Europeans have to specially import and in the olden days, transport by dangerous caravan over the storied Silk Road. 679 more words


I found you, Antiscorbutic...

Look at that guy. He’s ready for this flight. Are you? It’s mid-flu season and you’re about to spend several hours in a flying, sealed tube with a lot of other people. 4,077 more words

Citrus! The glamour of January

“Ain’t no sunshine!” announced The Guardian last week (as if we didn’t already know that!). One of the darkest on records (yeah we had suspected). Gloomiest winter since records began (no kidding). 675 more words

Winter Recipes

How to improve an orange ... a recipe for Moroccan Orange Salad

January is probably my least favourite month of the year. There are the cold temperatures. And then a sun that rises so late and sets so early you wonder why it bothers to rise in the first place. 668 more words


Gift idea from essential oils: Shower bomb

Hello everybody!

Here is an easy gift idea for Christmas or pampering yourself in the shower. A lot of people don’t have a bath, so here is some “aroma therapy” for the shower. 187 more words