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Day 1006 The ArtistaVista!!

The Vista is an artist area down near the old rehabbed train station on Gervais in Columbia SC. Thursday – Friday they had an art crawl and studio open house on Thursday in the galleries including a shuttle bus for those not up to walking. 405 more words


Urban Poetry 3

I found another Mssd cnnctn piece while roaming the city today.

“To my red plumber friend, I hope you find your princess soon” -Mssd Cnnctn… 166 more words

Urban Poetry 2

As promised in my feature yesterday, I will post another piece of Urban Poetry from Mssd Cnnctn.

“Should the world end tonight, I just want you to know” -Mssd Cnnctn… 168 more words


To Mr. Multimedia, Keep proving being a dickhead’s cool. – mssdcnnctn (Missed connection) Instagram

I really liked this art when I saw it, I may have been drunk but I think it’s really good still, check out their Instagram I linked if you like his work, all photos on this website are taken by me so they post with a different perspective from me. 44 more words

From the Editor: April 2017

Fabulous Florals

Inspiration for artistic arrangements 

There is nothing quite like vibrant flowers to brighten any room. In college, a friend suggested that instead of celebrating grade victories with sweet treats, we should buy just a few fresh flowers from the grocery store each week and arrange a colorful display for our dreary dorm room. 341 more words


Interview with Embroidery Artist Kseniia Guseva

CM: How and when did you first get into embroidery? When did you start designing your own patterns?

KG: I’ve been embroidering since I was 6-7 years old. 653 more words