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Urban Art 4

This man was sketching on the pavement with reference images.

Artists like this is why Urban Art is great, it’s hard to catch an artist in the act, at ALTERNATIVE we usually only catch the ghosts of past artists such as Mssd Cnntn, it’s a real treat to see a real artist in the flesh. 11 more words

Open your 3rd Eye

Bill Hicks:
“The world is like a ride in an amusement park, and when you choose to go on it you think it’s real because that’s how powerful our minds are.   299 more words


Day 1006 The ArtistaVista!!

The Vista is an artist area down near the old rehabbed train station on Gervais in Columbia SC. Thursday – Friday they had an art crawl and studio open house on Thursday in the galleries including a shuttle bus for those not up to walking. 406 more words


Urban Poetry 3

I found another Mssd cnnctn piece while roaming the city today.

“To my red plumber friend, I hope you find your princess soon” -Mssd Cnnctn… 166 more words

Urban Poetry 2

As promised in my feature yesterday, I will post another piece of Urban Poetry from Mssd Cnnctn.

“Should the world end tonight, I just want you to know” -Mssd Cnnctn… 168 more words


To Mr. Multimedia, Keep proving being a dickhead’s cool. – mssdcnnctn (Missed connection) Instagram

I really liked this art when I saw it, I may have been drunk but I think it’s really good still, check out their Instagram I linked if you like his work, all photos on this website are taken by me so they post with a different perspective from me. 44 more words

From the Editor: April 2017

Fabulous Florals

Inspiration for artistic arrangements 

There is nothing quite like vibrant flowers to brighten any room. In college, a friend suggested that instead of celebrating grade victories with sweet treats, we should buy just a few fresh flowers from the grocery store each week and arrange a colorful display for our dreary dorm room. 341 more words