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15 things you didn't know about TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor is 15 years old today. TripAdvisor has been at the heart of the revolution in destination branding and is responsible for changing the culture of travel and the travel related decision making process. 139 more words


The untapped potential of brand in property

In real estate, brand is often treated like pixie dust. Labelled “lifestyle,” it gets sprinkled over more meaningful details like location, square footage and views in an effort to attract tenants and make sales. 621 more words


Estudantes Erasmus em Lisboa preferem zonas do Marquês, Baixa e Saldanha

Erasmus consideram Lisboa uma cidade segura e escolhem preferencialmente as zonas do Marquês, da Baixa e do Saldanha para morarem.

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City Branding

Why do most city branding campaigns fail?

So 86 per cent is a pretty high failure rate, right? Why would you even attempt a project with such shocking odds? […] So why do cities keep bothering with branding?

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How branding can help humanise our megacities

There is growing demand for a more profound sense of territorialism to our urban environments, a new age of tribalism if you like, and in order to meet that challenge we must create stronger and more distinctive regions, territories, places, districts, boroughs and landmarks.

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The 10 worst city tourism videos

Bad acting, sexual innuendo and a parrot riding a tricycle – from Astana to Cincinnati to Singapore, come and marvel at the funniest and most baffling promotional tourism videos for cities. 

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Apakah Kita Mengerti Tentang City Branding?

Seorang arsitek dalam presentasinya pernah mengungkapkan bahwa salah satu ancaman terhadap identitas Kota Bogor adalah urban branding. 854 more words

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