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Council: Smaller Districts Require Larger Staffs


UPDATE on Tuesday, April 26: By an 8-1 vote, the council approved one new staffer for each council member yesterday, with only budget chair Tim Burgess voting “no.” The staffers will be funded this year with approximately $375,000 left over from 2015; the next full year of funding, which Burgess estimated at about half a million dollars (less than my back-of-the-envelope estimate of $1 million, below), will be funded through the budget process in November. 773 more words

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Chamber Mobilizes Against Labor Proposals, Taxes

The Seattle Chamber of Commerce, a powerful voice for business interests in Seattle, sent a letter today urging its members to “speak as a team on three key issues” at city hall: a proposal to ban erratic, unpredictable schedules for workers; the way the city’s Office of Labor Standards spends its money; and new laws that businesses fear would increase costs, including a potential employee hours tax and commercial rent control. 1,229 more words

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Council Pushes Back on "Growth Fund" Housing Preservation Proposal

Freshman city council member Lisa Herbold has proposed resurrecting a pre-Eyman-era housing “growth fund” to pay for the preservation of naturally-occurring affordable housing–privately owned housing that, because of its age or state of repair, is more affordable than market-rate housing.    1,057 more words

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Council Could Delay Design Review Changes a Year or More

In what looks like a concession to single-family neighborhood activists, but which committee chair Rob Johnson insists is merely a concession to reality, the city council could put off controversial changes to the process for approving new development until  1,007 more words

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Committees Ask: What Will Affordable Housing Look Like, and Are We Willing to Sacrifice for It?

Why won’t the city add more density in single-family areas?

Why is the city violating the sanctity of single-family areas?

Those were the two contradictory questions in play at the first meeting of the five focus groups that will help determine the shape of the Housing Affordability and Livability Agenda, a plan to build 50,000 new housing units, including 20,000 affordable units, over the next 10 years through a combination of incentives, zoning changes, and additional affordable housing dollars. 859 more words

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How Do You Solve a Problem Like the Jungle?

This morning, the city council was briefed on a recent interagency visit to the Jungle, the 150-acre greenbelt between Dearborn and S. Lucile Streets in Southeast Seattle. 701 more words

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Shouting Across the Empathy Gulf on Homelessness at City Hall

Last Friday, the council’s human services committee heard at length from a few groups that advocate for, and work to protect, Seattle residents who don’t have a permanent place to live. 1,438 more words

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