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As Council Moves Into Retail Politics, are "Office Hours" a Good Use of City Resources?

Check out my piece in this month’s Seattle Magazine, about the city council’s institution of in-district “office hours” in the post-council-districts world. The piece explores different council members’ approaches to this new frontier of retail politics, and poses the question: Are office hours, where council members throw open their (community center) doors to all comers, a positive move toward accessibility, or a poor use of limited city resources? 318 more words

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Despite What You May Have Heard, Most In Ballard Support Solutions

Earlier this month, after criticism from constituents that he hadn’t sufficiently listened to their input on public-safety problems in Ballard, Magnolia, and other District 6 neighborhoods, city council member Mike O’Brien held a “Safe and Healthy Communities Forum” at St. 1,161 more words

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Private Property Purchase for over 2x Value?

The City of Batavia seems determined to put a massive development on the corner of Wilson and Washington. The first step is to buy the remaining 2 private properties in their target area. 421 more words


Dearborn Heights Gets Left Holding The Bag Full Of ____________Thanks Mr. Mayor For Not Making a Difference.

The City of Melvindale gets 911 dispatch at no charge for five years the City of Dearborn is going to pick up the tab for them.😏😏😏 247 more words

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Council Bans Preferred Employer Rent Discounts

This afternoon, with surprisingly little pushback, the city council adopted a bill sponsored by freshman council member Lisa Herbold banning source-of-income discrimination (in brief, barring landlords from discriminating against potential tenants whose income comes from government-funded assistance programs such as Social Security) that also included a provision banning “preferred employer” discounts, like free rent or no-deposit move-in specials, to renters who work at certain companies (typically large tech companies like Amazon and Microsoft). 554 more words

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Police Commission Measure: Exactly What Did the Council Just Do?

Last month, the City Council passed a resolution putting a police commission measure on this November’s ballot. (Read recent coverage in the San Francisco Chronicle… 1,125 more words

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The LOI Here's How The City Council Can Use This Letter.

The real utility of a letter of intent is that it formalizes a preliminary agreement on a topic before negotiations get underway, it outlines what can and can’t be talked about outside of that negotiation, and it provides a roadmap that describes how things will proceed. 397 more words

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