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What Happens When Female Politicians Try to Stand Up to Sports Fans

I have a story in The Atlantic today about what happened in Seattle when the five-member female council majority voted down a street-use change that would have helped move a new basketball arena forward. 268 more words

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HALA Compromise Would Bring Back Owner-Occupancy Requirement for Backyard Cottages

City council member Mike O’Brien is proposing, and the city’s Office of Community Planning and Development is drafting, a change to the Housing Affordability and Livability Agenda Plan designed to assuage some homeowners’ complaints that allowing more backyard cottages and mother-in-law apartments will lead to a building boom by speculators hoping to cash in on the new, less-restrictive rules. 613 more words

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Changing 911 Dispatch Will This Make A Difference?

At the last City Council meeting for the City of Dearborn Heights the Mayor sent a letter to the Council asking for their approval to sign a letter of intent. 577 more words

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Bar Complaint Filed Against Pro-Arena Misogynist; Council Members Consider Response

Ben Livingston, a longtime Seattle pot advocate, has filed a bar complaint against the attorney who wrote a threatening, misogynistic letter to the five female council members who voted against a street vacation that would have eased the way for a future NBA arena Monday. 1,014 more words

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Council: Smaller Districts Require Larger Staffs


UPDATE on Tuesday, April 26: By an 8-1 vote, the council approved one new staffer for each council member yesterday, with only budget chair Tim Burgess voting “no.” The staffers will be funded this year with approximately $375,000 left over from 2015; the next full year of funding, which Burgess estimated at about half a million dollars (less than my back-of-the-envelope estimate of $1 million, below), will be funded through the budget process in November. 773 more words

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Chamber Mobilizes Against Labor Proposals, Taxes

The Seattle Chamber of Commerce, a powerful voice for business interests in Seattle, sent a letter today urging its members to “speak as a team on three key issues” at city hall: a proposal to ban erratic, unpredictable schedules for workers; the way the city’s Office of Labor Standards spends its money; and new laws that businesses fear would increase costs, including a potential employee hours tax and commercial rent control. 1,229 more words

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Council Pushes Back on "Growth Fund" Housing Preservation Proposal

Freshman city council member Lisa Herbold has proposed resurrecting a pre-Eyman-era housing “growth fund” to pay for the preservation of naturally-occurring affordable housing–privately owned housing that, because of its age or state of repair, is more affordable than market-rate housing.    1,057 more words

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