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Morning Crank: Mayor Gonzalez?

1. City council president Bruce Harrell took the oath of office as Seattle’s emergency mayor yesterday (OK, real mayor, but only for another two and a half months max), promising to announce by today whether he will continue to serve as mayor until voters elect a successor to former mayor Ed Murray, who resigned this week after a fifth man accused him of sexual assault. 947 more words

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Alpharetta Has a Choice to Make

Most people who live in Alpharetta don’t realize they have an important decision to make about the future of our city on November 7th. That is when the election to replace Councilman Mike Kennedy will be held. 585 more words


We Needed a Change in 2013. What We Need In 2017 Is To Take Back Our City. 

#TOCB (Take Our City Back) because I feel that the city hasn’t been in the hands of the residents since Dan Paletko became Mayor. I’ve watched since Paletko was elected to office and with a majority of Council members in lock step with him have taken our City away from us ‘the residents of Dearborn Heights.’ 919 more words

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"I Do Not Care If These Druggies and Tweakers Have Homes": Some Responses to Mike O'Brien's RV Legislation

For just $5,500, the good life could be yours!

City council member Mike O’Brien has received hundreds of emails vehemently opposing his proposal to exempt some people living in their cars or RVs from the city’s parking scofflaw ordinance. 1,916 more words

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We Need a Leader Who Is An Honest Broker.

These days, the Mayor likes to talk about how the economy has improved in Dearborn Heights. But let’s not forget how we got there. Remember that massive TAX INCREASE (Headlee Override) that the Mayor demanded was necessary to maintain our Police and Fire Departments and keep our senior centers open back in 2011? 263 more words

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"Corporate" Contributions: Not Really a Thing in Seattle (Updated)

This originally ran as item 3 in today’s Morning Crank. 

Update at 12:30 on Wednesday: After I posted this item this morning, the right-wing Freedom Foundation announced that it was filing a lawsuit challenging the city of Seattle’s new income tax. 618 more words

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Morning Crank: Not Making Any Bets

1. Activists seeking to prohibit supervised drug consumption sites in King County will have to wait until next February at the earliest to see their initiative, I-27, on the ballot, a staffer for King County Council chair Joe McDermott confirms. 687 more words

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