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New City Hunter Anime Film Scheduled for a Spring 2019 Release

Aniplex has announced that it is producing a new anime film adaptation of Tsukasa Hojo’s City Hunter manga by animation studio Sunrise, and the film is scheduled to be released in Spring 2019. 55 more words


What is Makjjang? And how is it a k-Drama genre?!

Okay, so yeah, talk about obscure! Why am I calling this a genre?! Well in Korea makjjang is just that… a type of television media that many watchers enjoy… quite a lot (otherwise they wouldn’t get made… South Korea is TOO small to produce a drama the majority isn’t interested in!) And now other nations can partake too… 1,087 more words


My favourite mangakas

What is the difference between having a favourite manga and a favourite author?

Lame question. Of course everyone knows that you like a manga because it is good and you like the author because you love two or more of his/her works. 1,170 more words


The Chuckle and Chortle Collection

I have been toying with an idea for a few weeks now. It’s loosely inspired by Fueled by Smiling ‘s Sparkling Smile Sunday where the best smiles of the week are collected.  610 more words


My Anime Road Trip Troup

Last week I wrote a post about who would be in my version of the Anime Guardians of The Galaxy, this week on a bit of twist of the same idea that I got from… 743 more words


Goodbye Makimura, City Hunter Episode Five: A plot device death done well

I went into city hunter expecting decent action and adventure with lots of knee slapping comedy, something much more lighthearted and less impactful then what I thought Angel Heart, its spin off from 15 years later, was. 917 more words


Predator 30th Anniversary Figures & SDCC Exclusive Dutch by NECA

I’m a fan of the movie Predator and I think you can see that from the different coverage I’ve given figures based on the movie on this site.  1,274 more words