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City Hunter Gets Spin-off Manga About Umibōzu

est em has launched the City Hunter spin-off manga City Hunter Gaiden Ijuin Hayato-shi no Heion Naranu Nichijō (City Hunter Gaiden Mr. Hayato Ijuin’s not peaceful life) on the manga website Comic Tatan of Tokuma Shoten’s… 72 more words


The Chuckle and Chortle Collection Week 11

I am so tired! My back hurts, my feet hurt, I’m very sore in a lot of places. Cashier work is hard. It’s a good thing laughter is the best medicine! 253 more words

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City Hunter – Anime Review

Japanese Title: City Hunter

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Angel Heart (spin-off)

Similar: Black Lagoon

Golden Boy


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Take Me Back to the 1980s

You could fairly argue City Hunter (1987) and Cat’s Eye (1983) are opposite sides, narratively, of the same coin; one is about a glamorous playboy private eye recovering missing objects and saving beautiful women from peril, the other is about three beautiful women stealing gems and objets d’art. 957 more words

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The Chuckle and Chortle Collection Week 7

Hey guys! Just got done with my midterms, or the community college equivalent. I am so glad that’s over with. One more month and I’ll be completely done this year! 336 more words


New City Hunter Anime Movie for 2019

I know that people have issues with Mal, but I am super happy with it, because it informed me a little bit ago via email, that there is going to be a new City Hunter movie next year. 142 more words


New City Hunter Anime Film Scheduled for a Spring 2019 Release

Aniplex has announced that it is producing a new anime film adaptation of Tsukasa Hojo’s City Hunter manga by animation studio Sunrise, and the film is scheduled to be released in Spring 2019. 55 more words