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Spitting, Honking & Other Pastimes

I live in a neighborhood where spitting and honking are the two most popular pastimes. I can’t walk twenty feet without seeing industrial strength phlegm on the sidewalk, which is why I have gotten into the habit of not looking down. 597 more words

The Lost Men

Eyes averted, heads lowered, head-phones in, the world out; the train carriage heaved under the weight of the prevalent silence as I stepped on it. I surveyed the whole space in a sweeping glance, picked a seat in a quiet corner and pulled out my book to lose myself in its pages when I heard him first. 538 more words


Naturopath | Mum | Wife | City Life


I’m Rebekah. Mum to Olivia my gorgeous three year old, wife to Steven my gorgeous husband of 10 years this year!!! This post is just a few little facts about me, my family and my life. 396 more words

Friendship is forever

2016 got a little hectic so the girls and I decided to make 2017 really count and ensure we didn’t go months without a face to face catch up. 202 more words


Deplorable Picnics and Pokemon

One the things Tradwife (not sure where I first saw that term, but I like it) and I enjoy is what I call an Urban Picnic. 436 more words

Sobre Buenos Aires y Otros Sustantivos Irregulares

Por Florcita Swartzman

Aunque usted no lo crea, Buenos Aires no es exactamente lo que se diría una ciudad amable. Si usted vive en las afueras, en el conurbano bonaerense, tendrá que treparse a uno de esos trenes rojos o azules que traspasan los barrios y las horas lúcidas hasta llegar a Buenos Aires, la injusta hermana mayor que lo recibirá con una mirada llena de desconfianza y burla. 1,241 more words