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San Francisco Crown

Somewhere in the City I feel better.

All the roads are filled with people, lovers and beggars,

Once you’re gone, you’re gone forever.

Everything’s coming up foggy in the San Francisco weather. 78 more words



On my days off I like to take a trip into the city and have a morning coffee with my husband before he goes to work. 160 more words


Being a Brit on Independence Day

Before we came to the States, I was aware of but had never celebrated nor thought much about, that American holiday that almost trumps Thanksgiving and certainly Christmas, July 4th – Independence Day. 583 more words

City Life

Three tiles of Barcelona

My work has brought me to one of the most beautiful cities I know, and fortunately, I will be spending more time there in the future. 102 more words


What is Art?

Every work of art causes the receiver to enter into a certain kind of relationship both with him who produced, or is producing, the art, and with all those who, simultaneously, previously, or subsequently, receive the same artistic impression. – Leo Tolstoy