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You can take the girl outta the country...

As much as my high school self cringes to hear this, I really am a country girl. For the majority of my childhood we lived on acreage and in my teen years we had a horse, goats, chickens and a duck or two. 645 more words

Music and magic. 

Moods. They change like the weather in London.

But I find that music influences mine much more than anything else. I could be really upset and a good tune could turn me around in an instant. 169 more words


San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

After a long time, I took a day trip to San Francisco and explored one of its best museums. The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art was filled with admirable works of art from watercolor paintings on canvas to 3-D sculptures that spoke to you. 10 more words

How to see the world!

Date: 24th July 2016

Binge watching: Gilmore Girls…it’s officially an addiction. I’m going to get withdrawal symptoms when I leave my laptop next week. 1,402 more words