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NYC Is Strange During the Day

Since being laid off from my job in fashion, I have been experiencing major cabin fever.

Sure this is when I can be doing ANYTHING I want (impromptu trip to Norway anyone?) but unfortunately I don’t have the financial luxury of experiencing “fun-employment.” So, to keep my mind busy and my electric bill down (A/C months in NYC are killer) I have been walking. 133 more words

City Life

Chicago by Janet McCann

now blurred the loop under the El
and the forbidden shoreline

meet you at the German restaurant
I loved in 1950, I will bring the soapstone carving… 134 more words

Feature Issues

On Commuting to the City

Though I couldn’t afford to be picky, I felt apprehensive looking for a job central downtown mostly because I hate public transportation. A two-hour long commute being cramped in the subway, stuck in a warrior pose trying to maintain my balance, drove me to reason: I like my car and I especially like my space. 391 more words

Amateur hour - Sembawang

Today in Singapore I finally took the plunge into putting plants in our balcony. We are starting with curry leaves and mint. Let’s see how long they survive.


Looking West from the Blue Ridge

I call them my mountains because I was born in their shadow –
hiking in the Blue Ridge feels like going home.
To visit my mountains is to awaken the part of me… 455 more words



Rise with the sun
Dance with dawn
Take a nap at noon
Sky-gaze into the blue
Into the pinks and oranges too
Then take a moment to yourself… 95 more words