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A mesmerizing city

What to do with this to practice your English?

  • Describe where he goes and what train lines he’s using.
  • Describe your own experiences in some of the places he went.
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20160501 Mona moments....

and if you don’t think she watches to see when she can play with me…..

her favorite is to hold up a foot, “I-eee”, I hold up a foot, “I-eee”, next foot, back and forth for  minutes or so. 94 more words


I am on Tinder now. why?! boring, it seems a good idea, or at least a new way for meeting new friends.

I played about 15mins and i found… 567 more words

City Life

The streets of Nottingham

A couple more shots of Nottingham’s old streets and buildings yesterday.
I shot these with the same lens, 18-55mm


We're back..

Almost 24 hours later, I still can’t believe that I am in Bangalore again! Wearing jeans indoors, not even noticing that the fan (not AC) is not switched on, scared to go to the balcony at 5:30 am (my body is still on Malaysia time, I think) because of that early morning chill, and downing cups of steaming coffee while the sun is still out. 801 more words