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Despite all the chaos in your life, have you ever felt like you have an unknown and yet very important purpose? You have this drive that seems to destroy anything and anyone that attempts to stop you. 267 more words

A Moment of Stillness

Red turns green,

The orange flickers,

The kites make their last glorious glide through the violet smog

Of a scraped metro sky that’s gasping for breath… 192 more words

Cee BW Challenge: City Lights

This is one of those rare moments i brought my camera along with no inkling i’ll get to use it. Dusk was in the air when i left the cinemas with my friends and just as we where about to say goodbye i thought “wouldn’t it be nice to take a bridge shot?’ 83 more words


Under your eyes in the city lights

A girls eye is deep, so deep that it can be your world. It can be your happiness, and tears. So why the fuck you are still starring at this sinful eyes when you can have the world on your shoulder even without her eyes. 128 more words


Serendipity: City Lights

She cried herself to sleep each night.

She waited for the pain to go away …

.. it stayed.

It’s as if the world shattered right beneath her feet. 81 more words